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Now your cults and monsters can have statues of their gods or leaders. Or just creep your players out with taxidermied monsters. Your goblin tribe can have a statue of their god, your drow can have spider statues, your cult can have a statue of a demon, young lads and lasses can have dolls (cough action figures) of their favorite heroes on their shelves, a town can immortalize a famous blacksmith, etc!

>Except for player races/appearances, this package is all the stock game creatures, converted to placeables to use as statues (yes, this includes dragons :-) ). Note that humanoids tend not to look great because the models are in an arms partially extended outward.

Wings and a few other things have also been made into separate placeables, allowing you to position them such that they look like part of existing statues like in the monk statue shown in the screenshot.

Uses placeables.2da range 26745-27830, a sample 2da is included.
Each creature is available in 6 texture options, as shown in the first screenshot:
1: Stock game texturing
2: Rough Stone
3: Smooth Stone
4: Gold (a copy of the stock game gold texture used for statues like Umberlee)
5: Wood
6: Ice

Because all statues share textures 2-6, you can replace the textures with whatever ones you desire and all statues of that type will update automatically (this also vastly reduces the package file size). All the "extras" such as wings share their own set of textures. So if you want different textures for your own use, swap away, I figured these would bethe most generically useful.

There are blueprints included, the blueprints only cover texture option 1, so you will need to change to whichever appearance you want. I only madeĀ  blueprints for option 1 because of the large number of placeables.