Kamal's Plane Aware Spells by kamal
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Modder's resource, has no effect in official game content.

Several spells are designed to move the target to another plane, namely Ethereal Jaunt, Etherealness, Dismissal, and Banishment, but what do you
do when you're already on the target plane? Tired of your players using Dismissal and Banishment to romp through the Planes, destroying any elemental or outsider in their path? Time to put some fear back into them!

This pack overrides the stock scripts for the spells Ethereal Jaunt, Etherealness, Dismissal, and Banishment. These versions are aware of a variable local string on the area named "Plane". If Plane is set to "Ethereal", the Ethereal Jaunt and Etherealness spells will fail with a message you are already on the plane (and thus can't shift yourself to it). Dismissal and Banishment compare the area's Plane variable to a creature's variable local string "NativePlane". If the Plane and the NativePlane variables match, the creature is on it's home plane, and can't be dismissed or banished. The spells are not otherwise changed.
Note that the spell Ethereal Visage's description does not say anything about an actual ethereal effect, so it has not been changed.