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Play as a Bedine tribesman in the sands of the Anauroch.

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Play as a Bedine tribesman in the sands of the Anauroch.

"What about the was-ey?", a girl asked."Can you touch the sun? Can you touch the moon, or touch death? No. The wasa-ey are of the land, and of the Bedine. The sand you sit on and run your fingers and toes through. This is Wasa-ey Sister Sand, Ermal Sheqyeqh. She is as much a threat as At'ar, and just as capricious, but you can touch her, she is more real for us than At'ar. Wasa-ey El Ma'ra Dat-ur Ojhogo inhabits the sandstone spire that bears
his name. The spire serves as a lookout place for our scouts, but only because El Ma'ra allows it. If he does not want you to sit upon his head, or if you do not offer him a drop of your drinking water, he will throw you from the spire."

A campaign for first level players.

Note: You will have all your equipment destroyed on entry, and will have the opportunity to pick
up Bedine appropriate equipment.  Bedine characters do not get any feats automatically, but can select among all feats available to the class as if they are bonus feats, allowing for more flexibility in builds. Thus, fighters do not get any armor or weapon proficiencies automatically at level 1, but can select
those feats from their feat pools. In the archetype system, characters get the same number of feats as they would otherwise have. Remember to
select at least one weapon feat or you're going to be stuck hitting things with your hands.

Bedine has Storm of Zehir style party generation options, as well as lore appropriate cohorts being available. 

Installation:Make a backup of your dialog.tlk from C:\Users\your_name\Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\. Bedine replaces the
default dialog.tlk it to add a number of custom things.The files in the zip file should be copied to the C:\Users\your_name\Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\ or wherever you have the game's player files. The files are all in appropriately named folders to just drop into that directory.

To start the campaign, select New Campaign at the main game menu.

29 March 2020: fixed various reported bugs. (file is named May-02-20, this is the same update as on the Neverwinter Vault)
18 March 2017: Updated the patch hak. Download and override the existing hak of the same name.
Fixes: Haushi potentially not joining when asked.