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About this mod

This mod completely overhauls The Complete Craftsman, building on the work of ChainsawXIV and Jake Zahn.

Numerous bugfixes and a complete internal code overhaul, courtesy primarily of KevL.

Permissions and credits
Neverwinter Nights 2, The Complete Craftsman Reboot
Formerly known as Neverwinter Nights 2, The Complete Craftsman MotB Patch + Rebalance [Reboot]
Game Version: 1.23 Complete from (tested), but probably works on other versions as well.
Patch Version: 2.06
Original The Complete Craftman Mod By: ChainsawXIV
Previous Patch Credit: Jake Zahn/Offkorn
Current Patch by: Vandervecken Smith & KevL
Date: July 1st 2020

This new version (2.0 onwards) is fully self-contained and should not be installed on top of the original TCC.
It repackages many original elements of the TCC, but the code has been majorly overhauled, primarily by KevL.
HTML documentation from the original TCC is included with ChainsawXIV's permission.
You can also find this documentation online at

At least one of the fixes in this mod is complementary to the nwn2fixes mod, which can be found here: (link is external)
The nwn2fixes mod is highly recommended by the authors kevL and Vandervecken.


1. Extract the 'TCC' folder contained in this archive into the Override folder located within your
   'My Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2' directory. 'The Rebalanced Crafting Recipes.txt' file lists the available recipes.
   If you wish to use the area_override file, you must extract it too.

2. If you want to use the original TCC recipes, as closely as possible, remove the crafting.2da and crafting_index.2da files,
   and rename the crafting_original.2da and crafting_index_original.2da to crafting.2da and crafting_index.2da respectively.
   You can find the original recipes here: (link is external),
   or in the included 'The Complete Craftsman - Original Recipe List.htm' file
Installing in mid-game:
I don't think there is any risk to installing this in mid-game, as long as there are no other mods that change the same scripts.
A word of caution about item blueprints: Item blueprints are used at the moment an item is created, so the item blueprint
overrides in this mod will not replace existing items. Items are created through crafting, but also at the moment you first
enter any area. So if you install these item overrides they will only affect newly forged items, and items found in areas
you have not yet visited.

Known Bugs
* v2.05 the new Unlimited Ammo recipe for Acid arrows shows the wrong
text on the enchanted weapon. Will potentially be fixed if we ever
  merge (or become compatible) with Kaedrin's PrC pack. The actual enchantment works though.


This mod overhauls and reboots the Complete Craftsman Mod, by ChainsawXIV, to work correctly with Mask of
the Betrayer installed (as well as many other fixes). If you do NOT have
Mask of the Betrayer installed, then using these files may
cause bugs and you would probably be best off using the regular 1.13 version of the Mod.

The Complete Craftsman Mod v1.13 can be found here:

The 2.0 version of the mod contains major reorganizations and streamlining of the code in the TCC.
It maintains the core concepts and structure and functionality of the TCC, but with much improved internals.

You can find the source code for this mod on GitHub at: (link is external)

The base version of this mod is the "Rebalanced" edition, which contains
the many recipe changes made by Jake Zahn in the original
"Complete Craftsman MotB-SoZ Patch and Rebalance" mod, as well as a few of my own.
See the Rebalanced Recipe Changelog for details.
If you wish to use recipes that adhere most closely to the original TCC, you may use the
original crafting.2da and crafting_index.2da files.
See the Installation section of this Readme for more details.
We recommend the Rebalanced version.

NOTE: All the standard MotB recipes from the vanilla game are included. One
new MotB-specific recipe has been added, using Gnarlthorn's Essence.

To install this patch, you do not need to download the original TCC, or
Jake's "Complete Craftsman MotB-SoZ Patch and Rebalance" mod.
This mod is a complete re-release.

The code is now threaded through with detailed debugging output to the ingame chat window.
To turn on detailed debugging to the ingame chat window, go into
"ginc_crafting.nss" and set the TELLCRAFT constant at the top of the
file (line 37).
After this, you will need to recompile the TCC .nss scripts in the NWN 2 toolset.

Regarding Exotic Materials:
In v2.0 we have undertaken a major review and update of the way crafting with exotic materials is treated.
We have edited the Item Blueprint files (*.UTI) to make them more
consistent, and we have detailed what each material provides in the
Recipe Readme.
These changes apply to the vanilla and "Rebalanced" versions of this mod, since they are not recipe changes.
We have also added Item Blueprints in a "Template Overrides" folder. These items override items found in the base game.
For example, Zalantar Quarterstaffs now do +1 Magical damage, like Zalantar Clubs and Spears.
In vanilla NWN 2 Zalantar Quarterstaffs added +1 Electrical damage. The Masterwork Zalantar Quarterstaff in the Templates folder
is a new item with +1 Magical damage. The Zalantar Quarterstaff in the
Template Overrides replaces the vanilla NWN 2 item for consistency.

Exotic Materials

TCC allows you to create a number of items using exotic materials not possible
in vanilla NWN 2. There are some important complexities to bear in mind:
* Exotic Materials grant their items a pre-determined set of bonuses, that use
  enchantment slots. These bonus properties can be upgraded but not removed.
* When you craft weapons and armor (torso armor and shields) using exotic materials
  those items get special bonus slots that offset the pre-determined properties.
* When you craft other items using exotic materials, there are no special
  bonus slots like with armor and weapons. As such, you can craft items that
  have no free enchantment slots available.

In order to rationalize the effects of exotic materials, there are a number of
UTIs in the Template Overrides folder that replace item blueprints in the
vanilla game. Using these is strictly optional.
The properties of each exotic item is listed below:
Fire Mephit Hide - Base Weight Reduction 20%, Fire Resistance 5
Ice Mephit Hide - Base Weight Reduction 20%, Cold Resistance 5
Red Dragon Hide - AC +3 (Armor & Shields) or Fire damage 2 (Gloves), Base Weight Reduction 80%, Fire Resistance 20
Salamander Hide - AC +1 (Armor), Base Weight Reduction 60%, Fire Resistance 10
                  +1 attack (Slings)
Umber Hulk Hide - AC +2 (Armor & Shields), Immunity to Mind-Affecting Spells
Winter Wolf Hide - Base Weight Reduction 40%, Cold Resistance 10,
                   +1 attack (Slings)
Wyvern Hide - AC +2 (Armor & Shields), Base Weight Reduction 80%, Save vs Poison +4

Duskwood - Base Weight Reduction 40%, +3 attack (Crossbows), Mighty +6 (Bows)
Ironwood - Base Weight Reduction 40%, Arcane Spell Failure -5% (Shields),
           +1 attack (Melee weapons)
Shederran - +2 attack (Crossbows), Mighty +4 (Bows)
Zalantar - Arcane Spell Failure -10% for Heavy & Tower Shields, -5% for Light Shields.
           AC +2 for all Shields, +1 Magical damage for Melee weapons
           +1 attack (Crossbows), +2 Mighty (Bows)

Alchemical Silver & Cold Iron - No specific bonuses
Adamantine - Damage Resistance 1/- (Light Armor & Light Shields),
             2/- (Medium Armor & Heavy Shields),
             3/- (Heavy Armor & Tower Shields)
             Magical damage 2 (Gauntlets, Melee weapons, Ammunition)
Darksteel - Acid Resistance 5 (Armor, Shields, Helms),
            Electrical damage 1 (Gloves, Melee weapons, Ammunition)
Mithral - Base Weight Reduction 60% (Weapons)
Mithral Armor & Shields are a special case: Instead of Item Properties they
are categorized as completely different armor types. In general, they gain:
Weight reduced by ~50%
Max Dex Bonus increased by 2
Armor Check Penalties lessened by 3
Arcane Spell Failure decreased by 10%
Heavy Armor becomes Medium, Medium Armor becomes Light
NOTE: Mithral Armor Masterwork bonuses function correctly, but they are not
reflected in the item description text. This is an issue
 with the dialog.tlk not supporting Masterwork Mithral armor.

Version changes

Version 2.06
- Fixed a bug with Masterwork Heavy Adamantine Shields
Version 2.05
NOTE: This mod now additionally packages the following 2DAs that were not present in 2.04:
- iprp_ammocost
- iprp_feats
which may affect mod compatibility
- Fixed Divine Level 4 Spells on Armor to use the right ingredients
- Fixed Cleric Bonus Spell enhancements for Levels 3,4,5
- Fixed Appraise +4 enhancement recipe
- Fixed Hypothermia Bolt recipe to make Bolts of Frostbite not Bolts of Lightning
- Staff of Ashenwood in MotB uses Mold Spirit spell and now requires Mold Spirit feat, not Malleate Spirit Feat.
- Removed an old recipe for Slay Living vs Undead on a weapon that is superceded by a TCC recipe
- Added documentation for Slay Dwarves/Elves/Half-Elves to the Readme
- Fixed Slay Outsiders enhancement to work with Slay Living as well as Finger of Death
- Added Acid Bolt and Acid Bullet items, and recipes
- Fixed Bolt of Fire Blacksmith recipe.
- Rebalanced Craft skill requirements for Blacksmithing elemental arrows, bolts and bullets
- Added back the Unlimited Ammo spells, including Gnarlthorn's Essence
recipe and a new Acid recipe (with a small known bug). Rebalanced the
gems for the Unlimited Ammo recipes
- Sling recipes now actually work, they were missing before
- Glove recipes for Winter Wolf pelt and Salamander Hide now work
- Spell on hit Poison now works for weapons as well as armor
- Poisoning Weapon now does proper poison damage as listed instead of casting the spell on hit
- Deleted the Lucky recipe on Weapons. This will never work as intended because in NWN2 Luck bonuses don't stack,
  and items like the Luckstone are implemented with a very large number of properties, which is undesireable when enchanting.
- Skill enhancement recipes (+4/+8/+12) now require a lower Caster Level: 6/12/18 instead of before: 12/15/18
- Silent Armor and Shadowy Armor recipes now work
- Bonus Spell Slot recipes for Favored Souls and Spirit Shamans are now available
- Limitation recipes for Favored Souls and Spirit Shamans are now available
- Fixed the icons for TCC arrows, bolts, bullets, shuriken, darts, throwing axes
- Added blueprints for TCC non-masterwork arrows, bolts, bullets: Cold Iron, Alchemical Silver
- Added blueprints for non-masterwork Ring and Adamantine Ring, and for Masterwork Sling
- Added missing recipe for Spell Focus (Transmutation)
- Fixed Adamantine Shields (Masterwork only) to properly apply their Damage Reduction.
  For regular Adamantine shields, see the nwn2fixes mod.
- Fixed Acid Blob vs Acid Splash recipes and slightly rebalanced Acid Blob recipes
- improvements to the tcc_scanner
- Miscellaneous bugfixes

Version 2.04
- Fixed Readme error where Acid Splash was used for Melee weapon acid damage recipes. The Readme now correctly reflects
  that the recipe uses Melf's Acid Arrow.
- Fixed Readme to remove Cold Iron and Alchemical Silver from helmet/hat recipes.
- Fixed Darksteel Helmet Recipe to now make Darksteel Helmet
- Fixed Iron Helmet recipe to work correctly
- Fixed Arrow of Detonation recipe using Perfected Thunderstone and Alchemit's Fire to work correctly

Version 2.03
- Fixed bug with recipe accidentally being read as Set Recipe.

Version 2.02
- Storm of Zehir trade system works again

Version 2.01
- Mortar & Pestle now works correctly
- Changed the way Propsets are read from the crafting.2da to remove the need for a config variable
- Disabled the recipes for Physical Damage Reduction on items. They don't work and never have. It's a core code issue.
  For further details see discussion here: (link is external)

Version 2.0
- Major code reorganization
- Threaded the code with debug messages. See the Description section for more details.
- Warlocks using Imbue Item now can craft items. When the same recipe can create different properties based on the spell,
  a new dialog box enables the player to select which spell they wish to use.
- Overhauled the way property slots are calculated. Multi-property
recipes may now only be used on items that have enough property slots to
accommodate all
  non-upgrade non-free properties.
- Masterwork Weapons that are enchanted with Enhancement bonuses now have their Masterwork attack bonuses overwritten.
- Fixed Masterwork Duskwood Club UTI that had a typo
- A new item, the "tcc-scanner", is available for in-game use. It scans an item and tells you the item properties on it.
  You can access it from the console with the command "giveitem tcc_scanner"
- Added a new toggle to tcc_config.2da to allow Epic level characters
(lvl 21+) to have bonus slots when enchanting (as was in the original
  The default value is 0 bonus slots.
- Fixed the Universal Resistance (Saving Throw) recipes to work correctly
- Acid Splash recipes now work correctly
- Fixed the Readme to reflect which crafting materials receive bonus slots
- Granted Duskwood the bonus slot when making ranged weapons, due to it making the best bows, much better than Zalantar
- No matter how many Limitation properties you enchant an item with, you only get one bonus slot for limitations.
- Added Limitation recipes to the Crafting Recipes file, although they always worked just like in the original TCC
- Universal recipes (TCC tag -1) now work on Melee weapons again.
- Increased Caster level requirement for Stat-boosting items from 8/8/8 to 8/14/17 for +4/+6/+8 items.
  This applies to: Nymph Cloak, Headband of Intellect, Periapt of Wisdom,
Belt of Giant Strength, Boots of Striding, Belt of Agility
- Fixed a typo in the description of the Constitution +4 recipe - the wrong gem was noted - it's a Jacinth not a Star Sapphire
- Fixed the Crafting Recipes file for +1/+2/+3 deflection recipes for weapons. It now reflects the correct caster levels.
- Added a Limitation Recipe for Warlocks (Rebalanced only), as they were the only base class without one.
- Set properties work again. Some discussion of the details in the Rebalanced Crafting Recipes file.
- Winter Wolf, Fire and Ice Mephit exotic materials now provide bonus properties to cover their inherent bonuses
- Major overhaul of blueprint items for increased consistency and
correctness when crafting exotic materials. See Rebalanced Crafting
Recipes for additional discussion