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MDBConfig is an easy-to-use Java 7-based utility that will allow you to view and modify the parameters in every packet header of an NWN2 mdb-format model file. It will allow you to make changes to a placeable or tile, such as revising the texture files used, changing the alpha transparency settings, modifying the diffuse and specular color behavior, and activating the projected texture setting. It can also be employed to view the settings used by the original game developers on their assets.

I hope you enjoy this tool and find it useful.

  • Each packet will appear in its own color-coded, tab-based panel
  • A brief packet-type description is provided at the top of the panel
  • The texture map fields include a File... button that will open a file chooser and let you select an dds/tga file
  • The Diffuse and Specular colors can be modified using the standard Java color chooser dialog
  • Helm and hair panels use radio button groups to select a setting
  • The edit menu allows clipboard operations on text fields
  • The total number of mesh vertices and faces are listed at the bottom of each panel
  • The tool creates a hidden properties file that stores directory locations for quick retrieval
  • The "Clone to LoD" menu pick will replicate the properties of a RIGD or SKIN packet to its LoD equivalents (i.e. with _L01 or _L02 suffixes)
  • The "Synchronize" menu will copy specific fields in the current RIGD or SKIN tab to all other RIGD or SKIN packets


  • The source code for this utility was written for compatibility with the Java 7 JVM; it will not work with older JVMs
  • There's almost no error checking performed on the values you provide, so be careful about overwriting files before you test the modifications

  • v1.9: The history list in the file chooser dialog for Open... and Save As... is provided in the form of a popup menu; the default size of the file chooser is larger; the Save button is active as soon as you open a model file; the synchronize menu allows you to copy specific fields in the current RIGD or SKIN tab to all other RIGD and SKIN packets.
  • v1.8: Added a menu to modify the interface font size; if the .mdb extension is missing on the save file, automatically add it; update the user's property file on every property change; added a "Clone to LoD" menu pick under the edit menu; only maintain a single "current directory" for the open, save, and texture file choosers.
  • v1.7: Further widen the history list; allow a texture map field to be blanked out.
  • v1.6: Widened the history list; restore the selected tab following a save.
  • v1.5: Added a history list to the file chooser for quick selection of recently visited folders.
  • v1.4: Some minor refinements: text boxes have a right-click pop-up edit menu; saving a model reloads all tabs with the new names; all panels now display the original packet name separately from the text field; the open/save choosers will try to use the parent directory if a path from a prior session no longer exists; the floating point fields no longer reformat data on load and thus may show exponential values.
  • v1.2: The Hair Shortening behavior and Helm Hair Hiding behavior settings are now saved, and the Alpha Blend material setting is stored with the correct bit flag.
  • v1.1: Save changes to any of the map fields made using only the 'File...' button. Temporarily unhide the properties file during a Quit so it can be updated.
  • v1.0: initial release