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A PathFinder inspired version of the Arcane Archer.

Requires Kaedrin's PRC Pack

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BloodRiot's PathFinder Arcane Archer
by António "BloodRiot" Perestrelo

As I wrote new feats and spells with different IDs, this won't work properly on a character that already have AA levels and it is likely to break a few things. It's preferable to try this out with new characters/saves to prevent feat and spell issues on your character. You have been warned.

The mod SHOULD work well under most circumstances. In my machine all seems to work well, apart from a few thigns that i'm still working on but are not game breaking. It is still work in progress and many things have not been properly field tested. So if problem arises please let me know so I can try and fix it.


Arcane Archer
Many who seek to perfect the use of the bow sometimes pursue the path of the arcane archer. Arcane archers are masters of ranged combat, as they possess the ability to strike at targets with unerring accuracy and can imbue their arrows with powerful spells. Arrows fired by arcane archers fly at weird and uncanny angles to strike at foes around corners, and can pass through solid objects to hit enemies that cower behind such cover. At the height of their power, arcane archers can fell even the most powerful foes with a single, deadly shot.

Those who have trained as both rangers and wizards excel as arcane archers, although other multiclass combinations are not unheard of. Arcane archers may be found wherever elves travel, but not all are allies of the elves. Many, particularly half-elven arcane archers, use elven traditions solely for their own gain, or worse, against the elves whose very traditions they adhere to.

Changes to the Class:

- Spell Casting progression (7/10) for either Wizard, Sorcerer or Bard (Kaedrins Assassin, Avenger and Hexblade being worked on for the compatatibility version). The Arcane Archer progresses the chosen arcane caster class by +1 at levels 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 10.

- Enhanced Arrow now delivers magical damage (+1 at level 1 to +5 at level 9).

- Enhanced Arrow as based on Pathfinder now has the following secondary effects:
-- +1d6 Magical Damage at level 3.
-- Magical Burst at level 7 (similar to massive criticals).
-- +2d6 Magical Damage vs Alignment at level 9 (you can chose from vs Evil, vs Good, vs Chaotic and vs Lawful once a day).

- Imbue Arrow uses spells from your spell book in order to use the maximum spell range with any harmful area of effect spell. (Eg: Fireburst, normally centered on the caster can now be placed at 40m, the same range as fireball).

- Imbue Arrow, Seeker arrow, Hail of Arrows and Arrow of death now have bow shooting animations.

- Seeker arrow, Hail of Arrows and Arrow of death now also deal Enhanced Arrow secondary effects.

- Arrow of Death's DC now scales with your casting ability modifier (Eg: DC 20 (base) + 5 INT Bonus on a Wizard with 20 INT.)

Install - Vanilla version:
Unzip the contents of the ZIP file into "(...)\My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\" folder. Dialog.TLK in the main folder, the rest in the "override" folder.
This is only compatible with vanilla NWN2 and mods that don't alter any of the same files.

Install - Kaedrin Compatible version:
For more details, read the enclosed txt on merging.
Backup the files this mod overwrites.
Unzip the contents of the ZIP file into "(...)\My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\" folder. Dialog.TLK in the main folder, the rest in the
"override" folder, overwriting when prompted.
This is compatible with Kaedrin's PRC pack, and should be compatible with most if not all mods that are also compatible with it.

Imbue Arrow Tutorial:
At level 2, when you gain the feat, a new GUI icon will appear on your screen when you have your bow equipped. In order to imbue an arrow with spells, you must cast the spell onto the new GUI icon. Be warned that only harmful AOE spells will be considered valid. After the spell is cast onto the arrow, that spell is spent and you will be able to target and shoot the imbued arrow. If you cancel you will lose the imbued arrow and you won't get a spell refund. Invalid spells are not prevented from attempting to imbue and will also be spet but you can't shoot them after, effectively wasting them. The ONLY advantage to imbue arrow is range. A normal fireball is the same in range to an imbued fireball (at max range = 40m), so there is no advantage there, but spells like fireburst or other short or medium range spells can be cast a Large distances.

Imbue Arrow doesn't work with Cone, Rectangle or Area spells that are Bolt or Beam Based and have the caster as origin.

Known problems/bugs and some ways around them:

-- Spells that are cast from Subradials may not work.
-- Known problem spells: Shadow Conjuration Family spells (normal, greater, shades), Meteor Storm, Scorching Ray, Missile Storms (Lesser and Greater), Firebrand. I've disabled those spells from working at this time and will be treated as invalid spells. Some of them I will try to include at a later time if I find a way around this, while others will probably never work because of weird behavior.
-- Visual problems: Some spells like Fireburst will LOOK like they are cast when imbued but in fact will not cause any damage or effect apart from the visual one.
-- Not really a bug, but more a limitation. At this point I cannot prevent an tempt to imbue an invalid spell, so you can still try to imbue an invalid spell and that spell will be wasted. I will try to compose a list of all valid spells and post at a later time.
-- If for some reason you can't cast a spell into the Imbue GUI Button when you should be able to (when you have arrows equipped). Opening and closing the inventory screen should fix this.
-- Imbue Arrow for Kaedrin's Assassin/Avenger/Hexblade doesn't work at this time. Working on it.

- Sometimes when using Hail of Arrows, the character may get stuck in a bow shooting animation loop. Just do any other action to stop it. I ill try to find a way to prevent this from happening.

-- Spell Casting Progression for Kaedrin's Assassin/Avenger/Hexblade doesn't work at this time. Working on it.

Final notes:
I thank anyone that takes interest in this little project. If you played it/tested it, please provide some feedback in order to make this a better mod.