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This mod replaces the "Female, Fighter" voiceset with the Japanese voice of Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7: Remake. It also provides two different semi-lore-friendly player portraits of Tifa Lockhart, and a replacement head model/texture for Human head #13 to more closely resemble Tifa.

Permissions and credits
Version 1.01

Voiceset and head model/texture install instructions:

Copy and paste the contents of the "ovr" folder into the "ovr" folder located in your
Neverwinter Nights directory.
E.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Neverwinter Nights\ovr"

This should replace the "Female, Fighter" voiceset to the "Female, Tifa Lockhart"
voiceset, as well as replace the model and texture for Human Head 13.
The eye color of the head model can be changed with the Tattoo 1 color.

Portrait install instructions:

Copy and paste the contents of the "portraits" folder into the "portraits" folder located in
the Neverwinter Nights *documents* directory.
E.g. "C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\portraits"

The portraits should now be selectable in-game.

NOTE: The "dialog.tlk" override file is used for changing the text in the game to match
the voicelines. If there are any mods that also use a tlk override this may cause conflicts.
This will also change all text to English. If this is undesirable, you can still use the voice
with the original text if you simply remove the "dialog.tlk" file from the "ovr" folder.

Also, if you want to change the head model/texture that is replaced, you can simply switch the number
in the filename.
E.g. "pfh0_head013.mdl" -> "pfh0_head001.mdl" to replace Human head 1 model.
"pfh0_head013.plt" is the texture and should be changed also if you want the Tifa face texture.

You can also change the race of the model/texture replaced by changing the third letter.
E.g. "pfh0_head013.mdl" -> "pfe0_head001.mdl" to replace Elf head 1.

This mod was designed and tested on the Steam version of Neverwinter Nights : Enhanced Edition
Version [88.8193.36-12] - 2024-02-23.