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All summons and spells have progression on 21+ levels.
- all summoned creatures
- crit range and multiplier of weapons, now any is actual
- damage of traps and ranged weapons
- some polymorph shapes
- monk unarmed damage
- barbarian rage and bard's song
- DC of spells, umd, power attack.

Permissions and credits
This is my fix pack for Neverwinter Nights and Infinite Dungeons mod (Nwn EE v87.8193.35-40).

The main idea of the mod is to make each class and fighting style effective with minimal changes.
All changes are not applied in the descriptions of items, feats and spells. But they are displayed correctly in the character’s window.
All changes are applied to NPCs/monsters. Creatures with ranged weapons, spellcasters, monks, traps and dragons are now very dangerous!
If you want to get your own experience of exploration of Nwn with this pack,  I recommend you to read only Short description and do not read the Detailed Description. This pack contain test module which can help you to build and test any possible feature.
Test module is source of all files of this mod. You can explore it in nwtoolset for technical details.

By my opinion Nwn have such balance issues:
-0- Spells have not progression on 21+ levels. It's a crime).
-a- A lot of weapons are useless. Top weapon list: kukri, rapier, scimitar, scyte (crit range+multiplier=5).
In addition ranged weapon can't be "keen" and hard to increase dmg.
-b- Low damage of unarmed monk. Low crit. No weapon slot mean -10enchant dmg -permanent haste
-c- weak summoned and shapeshifter's forms. Some of them are useless.
-d- Low damage of traps
-e- Barbarian's rage is useles when you have +12 str and con.
If you have ideas how to make balance greater - your feedback is welcome.

How to install.
Copy all files from override_eng
C:\Users\Username\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\override
It is all.
If you want to have test module:
Copy lsd_nwn_patch_eng.mod  to
C:\Users\Username\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\modules
To uninstall delete:
C:\Users\Username\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\override\*
C:\Users\Username\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\modules\lsd_nwn_patch_eng.mod

Short description

All summons and spells have progression on 21+ levels.
- all summoned creatures
- crit range and multiplier of weapons, now any is actual
- damage of traps and ranged weapons
- some polymorph shapes
- monk unarmed damage
- barbarian rage and bard's song
- DC of spells, umd, epic destruction spells, power attack and Improwed PA.
Pack have lsd_nwn_patch_eng.mod in which you can create and test any build. Include //Party Size Penalty Manager by DoesntPlayAnymore//. To run write in chat: ##DebugMode 1. ##runscript dpa_pspm.

Detailed description.

-1- Spells

-a- Damage (dmg) have progression any level (lvl) after 20`th. Formulas:
If spell had max dmg at 5th lvl: dice*(lvl-15),  at 10th lvl: dice*(lvl-10), at 15th lvl: dice*(lvl-5),  at 20th lvl: dice*lvl,  at 25th lvl: dice*lvl, if lvl = 40: dice*45.
In addition Magic Missile dmg= *2.
Individual spell changes:
Isaac Storm *2 on 20th, *3 on 30th, Greater Isaac Storm *1,5 on 30th, Meteor Swarm 20d6 => (lvl*2)d6, Storm of Vengeance (3+6)d6 => (lvl/4+lvl/2)d6, Incendiary Cloud 4d6 => (lvl/2)d6,
Awakening +AC lvl/2, Blackstaff ench/dmg bonus lvl/2, Premonition 30/+8. True Strike 18sec. HolySword +dmg= lvl/8.
Greater Magic Weapon, Greater Magic Fang, Flame Weapon and Darkfire have epic progressions.
For all dragons Dragon Breach increased dmg (~*2) sDC (+10).

-b- Spell Difficulty Class (sDC) got bonus: 0,5*mod of main stat (mod), if caster lvl = 40: 1*mod (65sDC for Implosion with 20mod and epic spell focus)

-c- Ruin, Hellball dmg lvl*2 (80d6 on 40th), sDC=3,67*mod. 3 uses per day. Blinding speed duration is 24 hours, can not be dispelled (especially for unarmed monk).

-d- Red Dragon Disciple Breach: sDC= 13+lvl*2, dmg= (lvl*2)d10, 3 uses per day.
Palemaster touches sDC= 14death (20paral) +lvl*1,5
Purple Dragon Knight add each lvl to Arcane CasterLevel, Harper add each lvl to Divine CasterLevel.  Just for demo. You can add caster levels from any class in scripts/x2_inc_spellhook lines 442-443. Line 409+ you can change/delete spell DC bonus.

-2- Summoned creatures

-a- All summoned redesigned: have very high attack bonus (ab), but low armor class (AC) and hit points (HP). On 21+ levels all have "epic" versions.

-b- Bonuses from Spell Focus Conjuration (Necromancy for undead summoned), skill rank Animal Empathy (sAE). Bonuses:
focus = +2 str, ab, dmg shield ( str, ab, dmg for undead)
great focus = +4+lvl/10
epic focus = +6+lvl/5.
sAE/8 dmg, sAE*2 temporary HP.

-c- Cleric with Animal Domain and Ranger summon creatures 1 lvl above.
Mummy Dust, Dragon knight, Shadow dancer and Black Guard summoned: redesigned and have bonuses from caster level 21+.
Palemaster summoned: totally redesigned. //Includes demilich model rework from Project Q by Project Q Team//
Balor is very powerful especially if caster forgot protection of evil.

-d- Each summon spell contain Player Tool //Balkoth's Minion Control v2_01 and Companion Control system 1.0 by ShadowM// to command summoned or write in chat:
##DebugMode 1
##runscript zpt

-3- 2da changes
If you don't want to apply changes from any file don't use it.

-a- baseitems.2da 
Weapon`s critical range+multiplier (chance+power)=5:
18-20/х2: shortsw longsw bastardsw twobladedsw dagger kama katana kukri rapier scimitar
19-20/х3: battleaxe lightfail warhammer lightmace greatsw club diremace doubleaxe heavyfail lighthammer handaxe morningstar magicstaff quarterstaff shortspear sickle dwarvenwaraxe Whip
20/х4: halberd greataxe scythe trident
Crit and base damage for ranged weapon:
chance+power=6: 18-20/x3: longbow-2d8 shortbow-4d3
chance+power=8: 16-20/x3: heavycrossbow-2d10 lightcrossbow-3d6 sling-4d4
15-20/x2: dart-4d4 shuriken-4d4
17-20/x4: throwingaxe-3d6

-b- feat.2da

Redesigned forms: bear, fire element, dragon (feat), minotaur, risen lord, Tenser.

-d- ruleset.2da
Monk Ki-strike: +1+2+3+4+5 => +1+3+5+7+10.
Monk Unarmed strike dice: x3 (x4 for small monks)
Power attack/Improwed PA: -5/+5 -10/+10 => -2/+5 -4/+10 
Mastery/Improved mastery: -5/+5 -10/+10 => -2/+2 -4/+4
Maximum of hit dice each level.

-4- Other changes.
-a- Umdcheck: DC=3+spellLVL*7 (66 for spell scroll 9lvl). All summoned correctly working with umd.
Traps: dmg of all fire\cold\sonic\electric ~*2, DC +10 or =skill rank set traps (if better).
-b- Barbarian Rage: dmg +4+6, ab +2+3 and temporary hp.
Mighty Rage: dmg +10 (+12 on 30lvl), ab +5(+6 on 30lvl) and temporary hp. 
Thundering rage additional  dmg on a critical hit: 2d6 => 2d12.
-c- BardSong bonus=(Perform+lvl)/20.
bonus*3 for skills, bonus+1 for AC, dmg. 1+(bonus)/2 for ab.

If you want to choose changes to apply:
nw_ch_ac* and x3_pl_tool01 necessary for Companion Control system
nw_s*, x0_s*, x2_s* contain spell changes. 21+ progression, bonus to caster level and DC bonus
nw_t*, x2_t* contain trap changes
z_poly* items for minotaur and risen lord
z_s* summoned creatures and their items
z_sbuff* bonuses from Spell Focus and level scale for summoned.

-5- Infinite Dungeons changes.

-a- Random.
DELETED: *Spell_School_Immunity
DECREASED: *Damage_Immunity *Damage_Reduction *Immunity_to_Spells_by_Level  *Damage_Resistance 
Weapon: *Enhancement_Bonus *Damage_Bonus *Keen_Blade *Massive_Criticals *Vampiric_Regeneration
Ammo: *Damage_Bonus *Vampiric_Regeneration
Ranged: *Attack_Bonus *Unlimited_Ammunition *Massive_Criticals *Mighty (this property bugged and can not apply).
Gloves(monk): *Damage_Bonus *Attack_Bonus *haste *regeneration *Ability_Bonus *Immunity.
*Immunity only Arm Shield Helm (deleted from misc)

-b- Traps dmg= *1,5-*4 (based on lvl), DC=10+1,5*lvl.
Improved all bosses and minibosses.
Sell price limit= lvl*500.
Healing potion removed from store.

You may write in chat ##DebugMode 1. ##runscript ztm
to obtain Token of Mastery and apply some changes for ID. Traps 10, quests - 10 (0 for quests to explore\clear areas because they sometimes give not a reward), treasures lvl+2, recipe frequency 5.

If you want to apply changes for ID:
-1-Run "NWN\bin\win32\nwhak.exe" and open "NWN\data\hk\id_resources.hak".
Drag and drop here all files from "ID\id_resources.hak\" and save changes (hold Enter).
-2-Replace "NWN\data\nwm\Neverwinter Nights - Infinite Dungeons.nwm" in "C:\Users\Username\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\modules" and rename to "ID.mod".
Replace "NWN\data\hk\id_resources.hak" in "C:\Users\Username\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak".
Run "NWN\bin\win32\nwtoolset.exe." and open "ID.mod".
File => Import => ID\Neverwinter Nights - Infinite Dungeons.nwm\ID.erf. Select all, agree with all and save changes.
-3- Return both files to their original locations and with original names.
I recommend you to save copies of both files.