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A simple edit of baseitems.2da changing damage, critical hit chance and critical hit multiplier of several weapons.

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I grew tired of always going with scimitar for my weapon master and decided to rework exotic weapons a bit to make them feel worth the feat investment.
I also lowered halberd's critical multiplier to x2 and increased critical hit chance to 18-20 - which might have made it a bit OP as a result.

The changes are as follows:

Kukri - increased damage to 1d6
Katana - decreased damage to 2d4, increased crit range to 18-20 (Katana is the new Scimitar now)
Dwarven Waraxe - decreased damage to 1d8, increased crit multiplier to x4
Scythe - Increased damage to 2d6
Halberd - changed damage dice from 1d10 to 2d5, decreased crit multiplier to x2, increased crit range to 18-20

The changes I've made won't show up in items' descriptions as I don't know how to change them and don't care enough to learn.

Ideally I would have left the scythe unchanged and moved halberd to exotic weapons group, but I don't know how to do it and it might create some problems with halberd-carrying NPCs who don't have exotic weapons proficiency.

Installation: paste the file into override folder in Users\username\Documents\Neverwinter Nights.

Uninstallation: delete the file