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Portrait Pack for Neverwinter Nights

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Welcome Adventurers

This is the the first release of my series of Neverwinter Nights Portraits.

Yes I know there are ever so many portrait packs out there but I aim to provide
a slightly better package than most packs offer these days.

All offered Portraits shall adhere to the naming conventions of the engine
and I provide a portraits.2da file which builders and players can use.

That 2da file makes it so you only see portraits matching the chosen gender/race
of your PC. There seem to be some quirks like orcs shown on other races even if
defined otherwise but maybe I can solve that in the future.

I did not include too offensive nudey or gorey portraits for now. These will be added
with an update and I will edit the 2da in a way that such portraits do not get shown
if you play the game with low violence setting in place.

All Portraits have been upscaled with ESGRAN and resized using Magick of Image (imagemagick)
Converting my pngs back to tga was done using Irfan View because Imagemagick rotated all images

For now this Pack includes over 1300 properly named portraits picked from various packs
from the vault. When creating the images I always replaced the image area which is not shown
ingame because I wanted to make sure there are no colored borders at the bottom of the portraits.

All Portraits contain information from where they were picked and how to find them in there.
This is also reflected in the filenames:
*_bg*    Baldursgate 1+2
*_iw1*    Icewind Dale 1
*_iw2*    Icewind Dale 2

Thanks fly out to all pack creators and especially the artists who created the pictures they are based on.
This pack is: Open - Free & open only if project also open