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Adds numerous portraits taken from the Final Fantasy franchise

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This portrait pack adds a few hundred portraits of assorted Final Fantasy characters to the game. Simply download, unzip, and move the files to your portraits folder.

The download has two folders in it - "NT" is portraits made from character renders from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, thus they are all high quality and cover a variety of characters. "Misc" is portraits made from numerous other character renders from various games, including Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XV, and others. They are separated because, by their nature, they come in a variety of looks and styles, and some are higher quality than others (as you'll see).

Although the two types are separated, they are numbered together to avoid conflicts and you can use both sets if you wish without trouble.


"Why isn't <character> available?"

I chose to go with renders that looked half-decent and did not require a lot of scaling up to make these portraits. If I couldn't find a good render of the character, I didn't make a portrait for them.

"Why do some of the portraits have backgrounds and some don't?"

I would prefer they all have transparent backgrounds, but some of the ones I found had backgrounds, so they were left as-is. The backgrounds, when they have them, are universally basic black or white.

"Some of these look awful!"

I know, I cringed myself as some of them. But if you're using them, you're doing so for the novelty value of being able to roleplay your favorite Final Fantasy character in Neverwinter Nights, so hopefully you'll excuse the edging, the lighting, etc.