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A higher resolution Barkskin Texture (in several size options)

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In 2014 I contributed an improved resolution barkskin texture to the community patch project.

The texture, as seen: here, replaces the vanilla barkskin with a much more detailed one showing some moss.
The texture is an official Bioware texture. IIRC I found it in one of the many official texture erf-files. It was stored under a different name and was apparently unused. I made a copy of said files (it's actually 2: a dds and a tga), renamed them to and sent them to Shadooow.

It had been within the CPP since then. Unfortunately, with the release of NWN-EE, there is no longer a CPP for it and neither did Beamdog include the barksin upgrade into the new release.

Due to incredibly high demand (you know who you are ;-) ), I am releasing the texture as a standalone to be used in the override folder or a hak.

There are three download options:

  • 512x512: Original size of the new texture
  • 64x64: Texture downscaled to the size of the vanilla barkskin (VRAM and performance was a huge topic back in the day :D)
  • 1024x1024: Texture upscaled and (slightly) sharpened by me, to be used on higher res screens (It is still blurry, I didn't want to go overboard with it)