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This project provides a set of scripts which extends your looting experience in NWN EE with several new quality-of-life or immersion features.

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Latest update introduces configuration panel, bugfixing tools and related tutorial plus greatly improves stability!

Ravick's Looting System Enhanced (LSE)

This project provides a set of scripts which extends your looting experience in NWN EE with several new quality-of-life or immersion features:

- Auto looting of corpses
- Lootable corpses with decay time
- Auto looting of treasure
- Tracking of already looted treasure
- Notification for lootable treasure when entering an area
- Notification after looting last treasure in an area
- Displaying name and area an item was last acquired from in description window
- All features fully customizable using a simple configuration panel
- Contains a set of troubleshooting tools for possible issues with some module scripts

The scripts make extensive use of the newest scripting features available only in the Enhanced Edition (like iterating area objects and dynamically assigning event scripts at runtime).

This should be a game changer to everyone looking for a way to reduce time spent for repetitive looting of containers or enemy remains and spend more time fighting and exploring instead. The notification features should also come in very handy for any dedicated completionists like I am. Last but not least, you will finally

--- Installation ---

Requires NWN Enhanced Edition on minimum version "1.74.8164".

See included file "Installation Guide" for further instructions. The mod contains only some script and dialog files to put into your override folder. It is simple as that. No additional actions required!

After installing or upgrading, a short tutorial conversation will teach you how to use and configure LSE.

--- Detailed Feature Descriptions ---

... Auto Looting of Corpses ...

Never loose time again waiting for your dead enemies to disappear so that you finally know whether there is some loot bag left and having to grab your loot manually on top of all that! The auto looting mechanism transfers all the droppable inventory/equipped items from your enemies right after you killed them! This feature also works for enemies killed by henchmen, companions and companions of your henchmen. You will see a notification for every item looted, including stack size and name of the creature it was taken from. Uses configurable thresholds for item weight and value to prevent cluttering up your inventory.

... Lootable Corpses with Decay ...

Never see the corpse of an enemy strangely fading away into the void again! The configurable decay time defaults to 10 minutes (600 seconds). You can now have fun roaming through an area you just cleared while considering the bloody work that you have just done!

... Auto Looting of Treasure ...

Just close a container or move away from it after opening to take all the items found in there. After unlocking a container, it also gets opened automatically now. You will see a notification for every item looted including stack size. Also uses configurable thresholds for item weight and value.

... Treasure Tracking ....

After all treasure was looted from a container, it becomes unuseable so that you never need to ask you again if you probably forgot some loot in some chest you come across by for maybe the tenth time. Excluded of course are special containers which are used in quests or puzzles. Empty containers in general will not become inactive.

... Area Treasure Notifications ...

After entering an area, you will be notified if there is any treasure with relevant items in its inventory. You will also see a notification after taking the last relevant item left within treasure of an area.

... Displaying Last Acquired ...

Upon opening an item description, you will see name and location the item was last acquired by and in.

--- Stability ---

I tested the whole thing while playing the NWN main campaign with version "81.8193.16" up to the start of Chapter 2. I already implemented several security mechanisms and exceptions for objects and areas to ensure proper functionality of related scripts or events while using this mod. Such special handlings are needed in some cases where features of this mod would prevent story or gameplay features to work. But as far as concerning the first chapter of the main campaign, there really were only just a few interventions necessary, as my scripts are designed to integrate with existing base or module scripts as non-intrusive as possible. The latest version includes further consistency and stability improvements.

A great role in terms of integrity plays my so called Event Script Injector library (ESI). This library allows to dynamically assign one or many scripts to a single object event at runtime, which results in custom scripts injected this way being executable before or after any original script that was statically assigned when developing the module in the toolset. This is the whole reason why I managed to implement the features of LSE for almost each and every relevant object in any module... dynamically and without any manual change required in the toolset! Please note that this is also the reason why this project is only applicable for the Enhanced Edition starting from version "1.74.8164", as this was the point the godly function "SetEventScript" was implemented by Beamdog.

--- Important Notes ---

The mod makes use of the script named "default" which is fired on heartbeat of PC creatures to seamlessly integrate into modules without any installation activities required by the user or the module author.

Further scripts from NWN base game used in override are the following:
- nw_c2_default1 (Creature->OnHeartbeat)
- nw_c2_default5 (Creature->OnPhysicalAttacked)
- nw_c2_defaultb (Creature->OnSpellCastAt)

--- Known Issues ---

- After loading a module for the first time, the starting area sometimes will not be correctly initialized to apply some features like treasure auto looting. To solve this issue, simply leave the area and enter it again.

- When using lootable corpses, remains which were not collected stay existing even after the belonging corpse deyaced. Those are visible as blue lights in the ground when pressing TAB. This should be no problem though, just try to always collect the loot you need (using "Corpse Auto Looting after killed" works wonders) and simply ignore anything else. I still have to figure out the best way to handle uncollected loot from enemy remains.

- Some scripts out there implement logics which rely on creatures existing or not existing. A creature that leaves a lootable corpse will "exist" until it decays. So it IS possible that such scripts will not trigger the right actions, which are intended to trigger if a creature is DEAD (which is why a script should much better rely on a local variable set on death of a creature for example). To work around such issues, try one of the "destroy corpse" option from the Tools Panel accessable after applying Special Ability "Player Tool 9" to your character.

Should you experience any other issue with a module you are currently playing, I would be very happy if you contact me and tell me about your case so that I can hopefully integrate a suitable correction or workaround.

--- Planned Features ---

1. Visual effect for lootable treasure to avoid the urge to press TAB all the time
2. Further area notifications for...
  - unkilled enemies
  - NPCs not yet interacted with
  - encounters not yet activated
  - doors/transitions not yet passed through
3. On demand visualisation of the area checks noted above
4. Displaying gold piece value in item descriptions
5. Independent release of my own NWScript libraries used for this project

--- Closing Words ---

Much support for Surazal and his awesome "Neverwinter Nights Mod Installer Tool". Really recommending it to everyone! You will never find an easier way to maintain your mod files for NWN.

I hope you all enjoy my work!
Feel free to comment or contact me on Steam/Neverwinter Vault/Nexus: