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Major interface alteration mod for Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition.

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Reborn UI


Major interface alteration mod for Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition.


- Fully retextured interface with new art style.
- New HD icons for Classes, Skills, Feats, Domains, Spells, Abilities, Actions, Buffs/Debuffs, Spell Scrolls, Gems and others.
- New mouse cursors.
- Bigger dialogue window.
- New Menu Music.
- New sound effects for UI, Inventory, Journal, Doors, Containers, Locks, Traps, Bows.
- AI upscaled inventory items.
- Improved loading screens art.
- (Optional) AI upscaled Portraits, including all placable objects portraits.
- (Optional) Alternative Main Menu background. 4k and 1080p versions for smoother game title font.
- (Optional) NWN2 Dialogue Font.
- (Optional) Mute Annoying Sounds.
- (Optional) Change hard to read Blue dialogue text to Red.


Unpack "override" folder from archive to - "Documents\Neverwinter Nights\"

Optionals Installation for Steam version:

Unpack "override" folder from optional archives to - "steam\steamapps\workshop\content\704450\2306430219"

Moving Dialog Window:

You can change dialog window position by doing the following:
Go to where this mod is installed - "Documents\Neverwinter Nights\override"
Open - "pnl_dialog.mdl" with notepad++
Go to line 11 - position 0 0 0
Increase first number to move window to the right (example) - position 2.8 0 0
Increase second number with a minus if you want to move it down (example) - position 2.8 -3.80 0
Save file.

Recommended Graphics Mods:
Beamdog's HD Art Pack - With Community Fixes
Remastered Hall of Justice by Beamdog from this page
Remastered City Tileset by Beamdog
PBR HD Remastered Tilesets by Maranduil
PBR HD Mines and Caverns
HD Remastered Weapons by Bill Harper
Remastered Weapons, Shields, Placeables by Miqail
Remastered Containers by MervySh
Real Skies Lite

Alt Links:


v1.2 changelog:
Lots of small tweaks and improvements.
New spell scrolls and gems icons.
New improved TrueType fonts (requires latest dev build)
AI upscaled inventory items now included as base.
New main menu music.
Added optional alt. main menu background.

v1.3 changelog:
A few small tweaks and improvements.
Improved loading screens art with RebornUI borders (including CEP, CTP, Q).

v1.4 changelog:
Added bigger dialogue window.
Added few more loading screen art improvements.
Added one new extra ttf Font that was added with the latest patch.
A few small tweaks.

v1.4.2 changelog:
Cleaned up some files, to be in line with the latest version.
Changed dialogue window, so it's not longer too big for some.

v1.5 changelog:
Updated lots of icons for feats, spells, scrolls, actions, abilities, etc.
Updated a few loading screens.
Added extra menu music track.
New loading bar.
A few small tweaks.

v1.6 changelog:
Lots of new icons for spells, scrolls and feats.
New inventory equipment slot backgrounds.
Added new sound effects for UI, Inventory, Journal, Doors, Containers, Locks, Traps, Bows.
Updated a few loading screens.
A few small tweaks.

v1.6a changelog:
Fixed Divine Shield and Divine Power having the same icon.
7z archive for smaller size.

v1.6b changelog:
Removed bright yellow scroll lines on zoomed in minimap.
A couple of small tweaks.

v1.7 changelog:
Remade all buttons to look better.
Changed x to a checkmark for checkboxes.

v1.7a changelog:
Improved buttons highlight.
Changed map markers from grey to gold.

v1.7b changelog:
Fixed DM buttons not highlighting correctly.
Slightly brightened map markers.
Slightly darkened inactive rest/party/book buttons.