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The Wanderer is a low level, award-winning mod written and produced by the author of the final NWN expansion, Wyvern Crown of Cormyr. It is designed for any class, starting at level one. The story is based around a new colony on the borders of the Wilderness and the struggle to establish itself, as well as deal with the divisions in the colony.

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This module is designed for those who like a fairly open-world feel to their role play. You can play any character, class or alignment (though evil is less rewarding) as you seek to carve a role for yourself in the newly built colony of Mithri. Here you struggle against the machinations of the Black Hand, as well as the divisions in the colony.

The module features many of the systems later encorporated in Wyvern Crown, like xp rewards and options based on class, alignment, deity, opinion and so forth. Factions have individual and faction-wide opinions of the character based on the actions and options you choose, with quests opening and closing depending on your choices. There are also numerous new systems, including specific skills, item based options, unique item abilities and so forth.

This version of the module requires Shadows & Hordes expansions, as well as CEP 1.68 which is also uploaded here.

Note: on starting the mod, in the startng area, wait for the intial store to fire up. This can take a few seconds on Windows 10 (not sure why, just be patient!)

How to install: download the mod file and place in your mod folder of nwn. Download the CEP installer and follow it's instructions (if it does not install automatically for you, place the files in your Hak directory in nwn).

This is version v - the final version, recently retested on Windows 10.

Please do post comments on your experience.

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