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This project restores the original appearance of dwarf and human males of normal phenotype. They now follow the shape of other races, which corrects the correlation with their large phenotype.

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In the base game, all races of male large phenotype use the same models, which vary in size for each race. This applies to male normal phenotype too, with the exception of dwarf and human.
The human male model of normal phenotype differs from other races not only in size but also in shape. I would accept this if all body parts in it were suitable, but they not. Most forearms and some thighs look smaller than they should, even torso for me fell under this. I wanted to fix this. Then I find the a_ba model in the game files. All these unsuitable body parts fits perfect with it; both a_ba and unsuitable parts have the same shape as other races. It looks like these are remnants of the model that was originally planned, and which the developers for some reason decided to change, without bringing the work on the new model to the end. Instead of completing this model, I restored the old one by taking geometry from the a_ba. Those body parts that could not be taken from the a_ba I take from elf (all pelvises (a_ba pelvis is lacking few polygons), shin010, shin011, shin012), and then manually scaled; shin009 was taken from lich (why not, geometry matches). I only changed the geometry of the models (mostly in notepad) without touching the textures, but the textures feel like home on the new (original) models, unlike the default ones. I also did some work on the shoulder pads: added missing spikes, corrected position for some, in a couple of cases I changed geometry to fit the texture. The restored original model looks slimmer and more even, matches the models of other races and just pleases the eye.
I noticed the dwarf when I had already finished the work on the human, and these bulky, disproportionate legs could not pass my attention. They differ in shape from other races of normal phenotype, including human. But unlike human, all parts have been replaced, this applies to the thighs, shins and feet. The pelvis and upper body are shaped like the rest of the races. In addition to the distinctive shape, the legs of the dwarf are of the wrong size, in some places they are even bigger than the version of large phenotype, and they are only wide when viewed from the front and rear (x-axis), from the side view they are about one and a half times narrower. So I turned to the game files; the a_dwarf model in addition to better leg shape, has a wider torso and shoulders, which makes sense, since the game description says that they [dwarves] are broad and compactly built, almost as wide as they are tall. But in the final version of male dwarf, all the broadness went into the legs, apparently. So I began to correct this misapprehension: for a dwarf of normal phenotype I scaled the legs from the already restored original human, adjusted the width of the torso and shoulders to fit the a_dwarf model for both normal and large phenotypes. I did not take any models from a_dwarf, since their shape is incompatible with other races of the normal male phenotype.