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Adds a beautiful Angelia Jolie portrait, for the player to use at character creation. Nice as a half elf character, maybe?
(2 versions of the same portrait are included: one with a lot of light effect and another one with less - see photos)

Permissions and credits

1) Unzip the archive somewhere (e.g. desktop) 

2) Move or copy the folder named "portraits" to your NWN directory.

NOTE: by default the main directory of the game doesn't have the folder called "portraits", so this copied folder will be new. But in case there already is the "portraits" folder (it will have it, if you have already earlier placed other portraits there), just merge this new folder with existing one. It should not overwrite anything.
In GOG version, this NWN directory is in the following place:

C:\Program Files (x86)\GalaxyClient\Games\NWN Diamond

it can also be placed somewhere like this:

C:\Program Files\NWN Diamond

(If still have any doubts - this main directory has to have many folders like data, database, erf,hak,modules,override,saves,source etc, AND stuff like nwnconfig.exe, nwnloader.exe,nwnmain.exe, nwn.exe
so if you see these files then you know it is the correct folder where to place the portraits folder)

On Neverwinter Nights enhanced edition the portraits folder is here (Windows 10): 
C:\Users\Username\Documents\Neverwinter Nights