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Vertex I - The State of the Union is a humor packed module for adventurers looking for a lighthearted romp through the bowels of the big city. In Vertex, science may kill you, but we will all learn something!

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Vertex I - The State of the Union is a humor packed module for adventurers looking for a lighthearted romp through the bowels of the big city. In Vertex, science may kill you, but we will all learn something!

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"It doesn't suck!" by Doc Tari

Module Background Information
The St. Bumbledom Autumnal Festival is scheduled to be another blockbuster event for the population of Vertex. Banquets are planned, entertainers are booked, and even the beggars are getting hosed off and given new sets of rags to wear. It's going to be an event to remember!

The only problem is the growing stench in the city streets. It's difficult to have a party with the sewers backing up. Something has to be done to stop the volumes of noxious gas filling the streets and ruining all the fun.

The Bumbledale Waste Redistribution Union #434 has gone on strike at the worst possible time. The Department of Management is looking for brave souls to fill the position of "Strike Negotiator."

Applicants must negotiate a settlement between the Union and the City of Bumbledale before the city goes down the crapper...literally.

Vertex World Lore
Vertex is a small land of relative peace and prosperity. Not much happens here that anyone would take note of, not that they would even if there was....which there isn't. Order is the word of the day as long as that word has traveled through the proper channels and all the forms are properly filed. Adventure is strictly managed as well as many aspects of life or death here. Numerous colorful races have begun to call Bumbledale (the central city) home, attracted to the peaceful life, the bountiful shops and guilds, and a first rate dental plan for citizens.

The name "Vertex" was officially adopted in the year 2349 when the Quantum Fabric was first measured and confirmed. Current quantum theory states that Vertex lies at the intersecting "threads" within the quantum fabric (a theoretical spatial wall that contains reality). Furthermore, it has been postulated that when enough quantum threads intersect, weak points are formed due to the output of excess energy. The reigning theory is that with the right process, one could punch through these weak points and move through the quantum fabric, allowing travel in new and uncharted ways. The unfortunate side effect to this postulated reality is production of Quantum Flux, which if left unchecked, wears holes in the Quantum Fabric much like a well loved leather sack after a long trip. Holes and bare spots appear and at any time one could find themselves falling through like so much spare change. This would be a tragedy if the people of Vertex had any sense. But like all things, Vertexians (No cowboys allowed) prefer to ignore disaster and while away their lives in happy oblivion debating issues such as adventurer licensing and the plight of the endangered persons of bigness (called "giants" by tourists.)

The Inventorium (the gnomish inventors guild) has been working on the problem of quantum flux (the uncontrolled opening of a weak point) and believes that the Quantum Fabric can be stabilized with an energy field of the right frequency and enough power, thus ensuring a safe future for the inhabitants of Vertex.

And so the world continues on its course. Merchants sell, adventurer's adventure, you get the idea. Travelers come and go, and so will you. Such is the life of Vertex.

Come brave adventurer, enter our world and sow your wild oats**

**The Department of Management does not warrant the productivity of any oats, wheat, long grain rice, or any other healthy grain strewn about the world of Vertex or any of its subsidiaries. Claims for reimbursement for unsown oats or oat-like products filed with the Department of Management on or before the 12th of the month will be assessed a 3% filing fee in accordance with Ordinance 23867b of the Bumbledale Adventurers Act.

Module Specifics
This module is designed without any extra custom content and vanilla NWN. You should find around 5-6 hours of gameplay and ample dialogue to keep you entertained. This module was designed as more of an adventure style, so those seeking a deep roleplaying experience may be disappointed. Of course if you enjoy roleplaying a sewer worker, you will be delightfully surprised.

This module is designed for single player play only and for players level 4-6.

I have included a full color PDF manual in the main file that contains lots of module lore and information. For maximum enjoyment, I suggest reading it, as this module is not your standard DnD fare.

The first thing you'll want to do is register your citizenship with the Vertex Immigration Bureau. Simply speak with the registrar and they will give you all the necessary instructions. After you've finished registering, you are free to enter the city of Bumbledale. From there, it's up to you! Have fun traveling and remember three simple rules:

1) Explore fully and examine everything. Many secrets can be uncovered by paying attention to details.
2) If it's big, ugly, and has fangs, don't poke it with a stick.
3) Things are often not what they seem.

Known or Possible Issues
This module was designed and released prior to HotU and so as a result some of the scripting may not be working 100%. Some have reported issues with the henchmen, and some minor AI issues. The main plot should not be affected, but if you find a game breaking issue, you can let me know by posting in the module thread here on the Nexus.

As always, please take time to comment and endorse if you enjoyed yourself or if I made you laugh. It is really the only reason I do this sort of stuff.