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A modified version of the Ultima IV remake made for Neverwinter Nights long ago.

Permissions and credits

- Install Neverwinter Nights with the last patch (1.69) and expansions.
- Use 7-Zip to open the archives.
- Place "Avatar-Ultima etc.mod" file into "modules" folder of your Neverwinter Nights.
- Place the four hak files into the "hak" folder of your Neverwinter Nights.
- Start the module from "Other Modules".

Long story short aka Description

Ultima IV Reborn: it's a remake of Ultima IV made by Devi, and fixed by Glanestel Dragon,  with Neverwinter Nights 1. The gameplay is a compromise between Neverwinter and Ultima, but dialogues are the same for both.

Ultima IV Reborn AeT: it's a modified version of Ultima IV Reborn, with new models, textures and scripts,  plus enriched dialogues, books and descriptions.

Lets' say a Less Generic NPC and Lore project for Ultima IV Reborn.

--- Dialogue sample--------------------------------------

Original speech of Thevel in Britain:

Name: Thevel
Sex: He
Description: A seasoned fighter.
Job: I search for the mystery of the magic orbs.
Health: Fairly well.
ORBS: A one-handed beggar knows their secrets!
MAGI: Magic orbs.
  Hast thou seen him?
    Yes: Only he knows the orb's gift!
    No: Find him in Serpent castle for he knows of orbs!

Less Generic NPC Thevel:

Name and sex: (let's skip)

Description: A surly man, the face signed by wrinkles and scars,  you see looking around with a mix of insofference and nuisance.   He appears like a warrior, also an experienced one, but some sort of spiritual  apprehension torments him like a fever.

Job: (he looks askance you from below)    I... don't understand why I should...  (he clears his voice). Wait, thou lookest from the descriptions, the Avatar?    (he inspects you with attention). Well, maybe I can help thee and mayhap thou canst help me.   (he stands up and rises his voice)  I'm, mylord, looking for the blue magic orbs!

Magic Orbs:  (the warrior bend himself foward and he looks around).    They say that they're  powerful articfacts, who find them can obtain great powers, but they are also secret and well hidden stuff.   I know for sure that here in Britain there was a beggar with only one hand that he was familar with their mysteries.    If thou art the Avatar, thou shouldn't  have problems traveling around the lands of Britannia and talking with people.     Didst thou find by accident such a fellow?    (the warrior looks you with determination)

No:   Very well, thou wilt find him in Serpent's Hold in the Isle of Deeds.   He hideth himself like a rat in the hole!     Not everybody is allowed to access such a fortress, but if thou art the Avatar thou shouldst be able to do it!  That cursed and crippled beggar, coward and elusive like a grass snake, he knoweth the secrets of the orbs.  Dost go there and then come back to tell me what he will say about! 

Yes: And what did he say? Tellest me! (the warrior looks you with greedy eyes) Such a long time I'm looking for them, such a long time!  (his insistence is annoying,  you limit yourself to warn him, then after a sudden bow you go away)

Note: (the beggar has something to say too)


- Is there a version of the module with new models, textures, scripts and the original dialogues?

- Is there a walkthrough of the module?
Yes, sort of, italian language but maps have english/italian legenda, look here, please:    Ultima IV Reborn AeT Walkthrough

- Level required?
On normal setting, you can start with a level 0 character, if you click the gipsy's mirror and choose extreme mode, a character of level 13+ is required.  In normal mode you can reach level 20+.

- Race, class, gender restrictions?

- Lenght of the module?
25+ hours.

- Is it lore-friendly?
Let's say 90% lore-friendly, the Buccaneers'Den has a partial agreement with the king and there's a side and light sub-plot, not present in the original.

- I want a remake with Skyrim, can you do it?
No, but I want it too, maybe with Skyblivion (or Oblivion).  Expecially, when I look this:  Ultima Incomplete Mod for Morrowind

Is the author of texts an english native speaker?
No, but I did my best.

Who is Xenovant?
An awesome and wonderful fellow who helped me with the custom models, scripts and textures of the module.

Can I traslate this stuff in my language?
Of course.

Can I play it with the Enhanced Edition?
Yes, I think so.

Where can I find the Avatar portraits that I see in the screenshots?
Here: Avatar and Others Portraits for Neverwinter Nights