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A Pack of heads for Elf Females. Contains 38 heads, an overview picture and huge instruction - even your granma will understand :)

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Hey, sweeties! 

Recently I decided to play my fave Neverwinter Nights again. So, I needed some NEW heads for my elf female. By searching the very depths of the Net I've found some awesome stuff that I want to share with everyone (especially newbies to this game) to make their game experience more awesome. AND I also made a big overview picture with numbers and short color description, so you can pick some particular heads for the game.

Anyway, let's stick to the deal....

Here are 38 great heads for female elves. This pack is based on my own taste, so heads share the same (or close) aesthetics. And I am, of course, NOT an author of those head models, I just merged them in a Pack. I cannot find and credit all creators of those models, because, you know, the Internet is HUGE, but if you know, or you ARE the creator of any head model, then write to me and i'll note that in the description and readme.

If you are skilled player/user who already knows how to install such stuff, then you don't need me, just grap this pack and use it. It goes directly in override folder. 

For those, who don't know how does it work, let me give an explanation on how to install those heads:

1) You have an archive named FE with lots of files inside. All files are named in the same way:  
as you can see here we have PlayerFemaleElf_head017, which, obviously, has the number 17. All 3 files that i have mentioned are for one head model with number 17, so if you want this head to be in the game, you'll need ALL 3 files. 
NOTE: some heads may have only 2 files (without pfe2_head, thats normal, just grab all files that have necessary number e.g. 018/025/043 etc...)

Overall, there are 38(33+5) heads numbered from 17 to 49(33 heads) + 104-108(5 heads). I do not know why game doesn't allow to use those 50+ slots, so I had to use 104-108 for additional heads. First 16 slots are used for original NWN heads.

2)If you want all heads to appear in the game, then just grab all files from FE.rar and move them into your override folder. It has to be in main directory of the game, which, usually, can be found in the following places: 
GOG users(me) ---> C:\Program Files (x86)\GalaxyClient\Games\NWN Diamond
C:\Program Files\NWN Diamond
C:\Program Files (x86)\NWN Diamond
I suppose, you'll find it easily. If still have any doubts - this main directory has to have many folders like data, database, erf, hak, modules, saves, source, etc, AND stuff like nwnconfig.exe, nwnloader.exe,nwnmain.exe, nwn.exe.

NOTE:If you want some specific heads to apper in the game, then choose the desired ones, pick all necessary files (as mentioned above) and place them in override folder. 

3)There you have it. Start a new game, whether Official Campaign or Module, and all* heads(excluding 104-108) will appear in CharCreator. 

Additional Info

*Heads 104-108 can still be used in game, but in CharacterCreator they do not appear. 

To used them you can choose one of the following methods:

METHOD 1 (easy)
As I have said, there are 38 heads, 33 of which are placed in slots numbered 17-49 and they appear in CharCreator normally. You can either place all 38 heads in override at once or choose some particular heads. For example, if you choose 17,18,19,20 heads and place their files in override, then you still have free slots for any heads (21-49)! Just take any of 104-108 heads, rename their files (EXAMPLE - pfe0_head104.mdl to pfe0_head021.mdl) and place in override folder. Voila, you have all desired heads!
You can also take some of my heads and then use free slots for any other heads that you found in the Internet.

Note: REMEMBER to rename and then place in override ALL necessary for each head files!

METHOD 2 (requires additional software)
There is an absolutely awesome editor, which allows to change your appearance (and many other things) in-game, so you can use any head model, including those 104-108. 
To do so, download and install this thing --->

To ease everything, quick instructions:
1)Download latest version
2)Just copy all files from the included override folder into your NWN override folder. If you have installed an older version you may want to unstall that version first (to clean up the override folder)(c)
And there you have it. Open the editor in game and choose any head. 

I hope this instruction wasn't VERY long, but was helpful. In case of any problems, post a comment/write to me. 
I also speak Russian, Latvian and German (a bit!), so you can write in those languages. 

Enjoy, guys, and let your gaming experience be awesome!


P.S. Remember, I AM NOT the creator of any head models from this pack.