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A Pack of some portraits with common aesthetics. Big overwiev pictures are included, enjoy.

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Hey, sweeties! 

Recently I decided to play my fave Neverwinter Nights again. So, I needed some beautiful and NEW portraits for my elf female. By searching the very depths of the Net I've found some awesome stuff that I wanted to share with everyone (especially newbies to this game) to make their game experience more awesome. 

So, let's stick to the deal....

Here are some great portraits, mainly for female elves (but there's still something for other races and gender). This pack is based on my own taste, so all portraits share the same (or close) aesthetics. And I am, of course, NOT an author of those portraits, I just merged them in a Pack.
There are two folders in the archive - one for MALES and other for FEMALES, each of them contains a folder named "portraits" and an image with all the portraits with their numbers, so you will easily find all necessary stuff.


1)Unzip the archive somewhere (e.g. desktop) 
2)Open one of the folders (e.g. Females) and copy the folder named "portraits" to your NWN directory/or copy specific portraits from this folder
NOTE: each portrait goes in 5 sizes and they are all necessary, so if you are copying some specific portraits from the whole folder, please be sure to copy ALL 5 sizes for that portrait. They are all named like this: 1H, 1L,1M,1S,1T (or 1_h or 1h)
NOTE:usually the main directory of the game doesn't have the folder called "portraits", so this copied folder will be new. But in case there already is the "portraits" folder, just merge this new folder with existing one
As I have the GOG version, this NWN directory is in the following place:
C:\Program Files (x86)\GalaxyClient\Games\NWN Diamond
it can also be placed somewhere like this:
C:\Program Files\NWN Diamond
I suppose, you'll find it easily. 
(If still have any doubts - this main directory has to have many folders like data, database, erf,hak,modules,override,saves,source etc, AND stuff like nwnconfig.exe, nwnloader.exe,nwnmain.exe, nwn.exe)

Enjoy, guys, and let your gaming experience be awesome!


P.S. You can use this pack as you wish, just remember, that I AM NOT the creator of those portraits or arts from which the portraits are created.