NWN 1 Henchmen and NPC from original campaigns as PCs by GoodLuc
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I loved to play NWN 1 and 2. So when I found that there are playable NPCs from NWN 2 on Vault, I have looked for their analogues from NWN 1. I found none and decided to correct that. 

(Also there is a lack of pc characters of this game on this site).

Installation: Unpack and put the .bic file (s) to your localvault folder, which is in the main folder of the game.

1. Aribeth (paladin).
2. Synvil Barrit'tra AKA Valsharess.
3. Boddyknock Glinckle, Grimgnaw, Daelan Red Tiger, Linu La'neral, Sharwyn.
4. Deekin, Nathyrra (I made her Neutral Good, wizard 1/rogue 1, as she's a drow, who has Effective Character Level 2; also because of her character -  she acts as a good person in 
HoTU and story. If you want to make her an assassin, you can do it yourself.), Xanos Messarmos, Dorna Trapsinger, Misha Waymeet, Valen Shadowbreath.

I may possibly add some more NPCs but maybe not.

P.S. If you want to convert NPC to PC, it's better to create a PC sample through the game itself, based on a character you want to convert, and then edit it in Leto. It's easier and quicker.