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BlackfoxKitsune and Tiberius_Morguhn

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A Msuic add on pack using CMP as a base

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Both game expansions (SoU and HotU) must be installed

The game needs to be patched to version 1.67 or above

CMP (which is Included)

About and How To Install
All you have to do is go into your neverwinter nights game Directory and add the files from the folders into the named files, such as Hak files into the Hak Folder. BMU files into the Music Folder and there is also a 2da file that needs to go into your override folder so as not to clash or replace the games main 2da file.

This Mod includes the CMP file as I added the custom music files onto it to assure that it works correctly with my own game. 
The CMP is an update pack that was a custom pack made by Tiberius_Morguhn These new files are named mus_lwm325.bmu to mus_lwm344.bmu following on from the CMP files.

In the music fold of this custom music mod you will find two folders named CMP music and LWM music
To install these into your game simply open the folders and drop the files within, into your music folder in your neverwinter nights game directory folder named music.
it really is that simple, I know you would think it harder but it’s not. I’ve named the Folders Music, Hak and Override so you know what file you are looking for in your game directory, but be sure to open these folders and put the files into the games folders, not the whole folder into the folder, otherwise it will fail to work.

Due to how these files are added to the game they are for use in your games toolset when you are making mods for yourself, it will also work if you have any Modules that need the CMP pack due to the fact the CMP files are also included in this file. But if you use this Custom music pack for any Modules you have made you will need to tell your users that they will need this pack in order for your Modules to play the custom music. however if you have only used the music files named CMP then you need only download CMP as linked above.
Good luck and happy gaming. 

Short Guide to Installing Neverwinter Nights Mods By DWTerminator