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Added: 21/05/2016 - 08:05PM
Updated: 29/07/2017 - 08:54AM

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Neverwinter Nights Server Browser

- Created By: Krayloss
- Created On: 15 May 2016
- Updated On: 29 July 2017
- Version: 1.32
- Build: 6419
- Revision: 15789

- Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher

- Neverwinter nights server browser is a standalone application that can list game servers
  for Neverwinter Nights and Neverwinter Nights 2. The application can save your favourite
  servers and as well as log a history of previously visited servers.

- Custom connections can also be created via the custom connections tab allowing the user
  to create connections that are not currently listed in the server listings hosted by
  NWNList Scry. Optional lauch conditions can also be applied allowing the user to specify
  account names and passwords for the in game login screen.

- This program was created in the hope that it would help keep the online portion of the
  game active and help new players locate game servers now that server listings are no
  longer hosted by GameSpy and are no longer available within the in game server browser.

- I decided to keep the program as a single executable and as small as possible so no
  installation is required. Just place the application executable into any folder and run it.

- A huge thanks to the people at NWNList Scry for providing the API to access the server listings.

CHANGE LOG v1.32.6419.15789 - 29/07/2017
- Some code refactoring and bug hunting.
- Fixed an issue that would once again cause the server listings thread to crash.
- Fixed a bug with column sorting within all of the listview controls.

- Minor changes to the server listings listview control. Password protected servers are
  now displayed with a new icon.
- The server and connection info display boxes are now scrollable.
- Added new search parameters to the server filtering control.

CHANGE LOG v1.31.6364.12636 - 04/06/2017
- Code refactoring and general cleanup.
- Fixed a few bugs that i managed to introduce in v1.3 :D

- Small iterative changes to the look of the UI.
- Added the ability to launch neverwinter nights games, servers and toolsets.
- Added a details property to the custom connection objects allowing the user to save
  general details and information.
- Added connection info display box and a details display box in the custom connections tab.
- Upgraded the server and connection info display boxes for servers, custom connections
  and connection dialogs boxes.

CHANGE LOG v1.3.6349.12935 - 19/05/2017

- A huge amount of bug fixes. A large portion of the backend was updated and rewritten
  to help improve stability and implement new features.

- Added a new favourites listview control listing favourite servers.
- Added a new history listview control that lists previously visited servers.
- Added a custom listview control that lists custom connections.
- Removed direct connect dialog and implemented this feature into the
  custom connections tab as Quick Launch.
- UI colour scheme and images have been tweeked to improve UI consistancy.

CHANGE LOG v1.2.6314.25147 - 15/04/2017
- Minor bug fixes and tweeks.

- Made some small changes to the look of UI to improve readability.
- Added a history list of servers to the connect button drop down list.
- Added some more useful resource locations to the options drop down list.
- Clicking a web link in the server description or module description will now
  ask for confirmation before proceeding to the site.

HOTFIX v1.1.0.1 - 12/04/2017
- Fixed a string formatting issue that would cause the thread fetching the server
  listings to lockup.

CHANGE LOG v1.1.0.0 - 15/05/2016
- Fixed a number of bugs and issues.
- Code refactoring and general clean up.

- Updated the user interface with new icons and images.
- Improved multi threaded operations and UI responsiveness.
- Improved stability and error handling.