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Neverwinter Nights Server Monitor - Version 1.2 - 11/05/2016

- Created By: Krayloss
- Created On: 10 May 2016
- Contact: Any questions should be directed to the nexusmods forums
- Host: -
- Web:

- This program has been created for the purpose of being somewhat useful and has been
  tested thoroughly on windows 7 and windows 10 and is stable. However there might be
  some bugs that have yet to rear their heads and as such may cause unintended harm to
  data or files. I take no resposibility for any damages caused by this software and
  you use it at your own risk.

- Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher

- Neverwinter nights server monitor is a small application designed to monitor
  the running process of a neverwinter nights dedicated server.
  The application will detect if the server process has stopped responding or has
  crashed and will then attempt to restart the server with the specified server
  settings and load the specified module.

- The application has very few options and is very easy to use. By adjusting values in
  the property grid control you can specify the server settings that will be passed
  to the server when started. Server restarts can also be scheduled.

- The neverwinter nights server monitor will only monitor dedicated server processes
  that have been started by this application and will not interfear with any other
  dedicated server instances that my be running at the time.

- Two files and a registry entry are created by the application. The first file being a
  settings file (user.config) which stores application settings and the second is a
  database file (nwnsmdb.dat) containing data related to the dedicated server.
  Deleteing either of these files will not affect the running of this application.
  The registry entry is for auto starting the server monitor application.

- The neverwinter nights server monitor application executable should be placed into
  the same directory as the dedicated server client "nwserver.exe". This can usually
  be found in the neverwinter nights game install directory.

- Starting the neverwinter nights dedicated server will cause the microsoft windows UAC
  dialog control to run holting the execution of the dedicated server application as it
  requires elevated privileges. The only workround for this i have found so far is to use
  Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit and create a custom rule for the server.


- Fixed an issue which could cause an incorrect server name to be displayed in the status strip
  and notification icon tooltip.
- Fixed an issue which could cause an error dialog message to be displayed when restarting or
  shutting down a game server.
- Code refactoring and general clean up.


- Small number of changes and tweaks to the user interface.
- Added the ability to directly connect to a game server and ping the server host for a response.
- Added shortcuts to hide user interface, restart server, shut down server, direct connect and
  manage connections.
- The status strip and notification icon now display the server player count (at time of scan).
- Only a single instance of the neverwinter nights server monitor can now be run.


- Fixed a small number of bugs and mistakes.
- Code refactoring and general clean up.


- Small number of changes and tweaks to the user interface.
- Added the ability to start the server monitor application on windows bootup.
- Added the ability to automatically start monitoring when the neverwinter nights
  server monitor application has been started.
- The property grid control now handles certain properties as selectable lists instead of
  specifying their numeric equivalents.