Banished Winter by SpacialKatana
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Added: 10/04/2016 - 10:29PM
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"Banished Winter"

A story driven hack 'n' slash module for one player.

You arrive at a camp in the middle of nowhere as directed...what happens next?


Requirements: NWN OC,Exp1,Exp2 Patch 1.69 - No haks required to play.

Type - Hack 'n' slash story driven module.

Players - A single player module for Neverwinter Nights.

Starting Level - Module designed for newly rolled characters.
                        Higher level characters will be stripped of exp.
                        Gold will be set to 500.

Length - Probably a couple of hours or so.

Installation - Place the Banished Winter.mod file into your \NWN\modules folder.

Author - SpacialKatana.

Date - 10th April 2016

This module is the work of SpacialKatana, and as such I do not give
permission for it to be used as a base for another module.