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The Customize Character Hak allows you to customize your character in-game (modify/dye/rename armor, shield, cloak, helm and weapon, change portrait, change head/phenotype, add/remove tattoos/tails/wings, add/remove glowing eyes effect, rename your character)

Permissions and credits
The Customize Character Hak allows you to customize your character in-game:

Once the files are installed in the NWN override folder you're able to

- modify and dye your armor without being charged or making skill checks,
- modify and dye your cloak, make cloaks invisible,
- modify and dye your helm,
- modify and dye your weapon without being charged or making skill checks,
- modify your shield,
- choose a different portrait for your character (both official and custom portraits can be used),
- choose a different head for your character,
- choose a different phenotype,
- change your character's body (add/remove tattoos, add/remove bone arm, ...)
- add a new tail to your character or remove an existing one,
- add new wings to your character or remove existing ones,
- add a glowing eyes effect to your character's head.

Version 4.10 (requires patch 1.69 installed) allows you to
- change skin, hair or tattoo color,
- rename items,
- edit descriptions (items, character).

Most of these feature support custom content (new armor parts, robes, heads,...).

Some of the scripts used in this HAK contain parts taken from Mandragon's Dye Kit (http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=scripts.Detail&id=972) or the CEP crafting scripts. The idea to modify the cloak model is taken from a script postet by John 'Gestalt' Bye at the Bioware forums.

The installation is very simple. Just copy all files from the included override folder into your NWN override folder. If you have installed an older version you may want to unstall that version first (to clean up the override folder).

To use the customize character hak right click your character and select the craft icon. If everything is installed properly should see the new options (unless you're playing a module which has overwritten the default bioware craft dialog).

The HAK should be compatible with NWN patch 1.69 (version 3.93 is compatible with NWN 1.68) and any other module/hak that does not override the NWN craft dialog (x0_skill_ctrap.dlg).

The included erf file MK_CRAFT.ERF can be used to import the hak files into the toolset (if you want to make modifications). Also the erf file contains the source code (necessary if you want to make modifications).

New in version 4.10: Added edit description (items / character), added rename item, added glowing eyes (supports custom races), change skin/hair/tattoo color.

Works in multiplayer if installed on the server.

See the readme file for more information.

The ZIP file contains both the old version 3.93 (usuable with patch 1.68, for those who can't update to 1.69 yet) and the new version 4.10 (usuable with patch 1.69).

Any feedback is appreciated.