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Leto is a utility for Neverwinter Nights to read and edit character files. It is particularly useful for server admins and players of single player modules, as it allows users to view and edit virtually every aspect of NWN characters. Whether fixing descriptions, viewing XP totals, adding wings, or changing the colours of equipped armour on characters in a saved game -- Leto makes it all possible.

This release of Leto consists of a major overhaul of the program's documentation, help and reference files, and presentation; more importantly, both the standard interface and advanced editor now fully support the NWN 1.69 patch.

What has changed?
  • Full support in standard and advanced interfaces for 1.69 (and previous) patch content
  • Completely re-written and re-formatted reference files and documentation
  • Re-made and fully updated reference images for colour palettes and character heads
  • Fully updated portrait support for 1.69
  • A new "Neverwinter Nights" skin
  • Stand-alone release; previous Leto versions are not required

A PRC-compatible (Players' Resource Consortium) version of Leto is also available on the download page.

Leto 1.69 is released with the express permission of Leto's creator, Dragonsong, to whom the vast majority of credit and appreciation for this excellent program belongs.

Update, 30/03/2008
  • Several corrections made to the explanatory text for the Portraits element in the Advanced Editor
  • Updated readme file

Update, 02/08/2008
  • Added 'Troglodyte, Garm' and 'Troglodyte, Green' to appearance lists
  • Minor fixes made to improve general performance & stability
  • Readability & presentation of standard editor selections improved
  • Save game edit instructions & related advanced information fixed and expanded
  • Default install directory is now C:\NeverwinterNights\NWN\utils
  • Updated readme file

Update, 10/03/2009
  • Added missing Arcane Defense (Abjuration) feat to standard interface (thanks to SWAlliance for pointing this out)
  • Minor typo fixes
  • Remade exe installer
  • Updated readme files

This application is no longer supported in any way by me (I've left the NWN community), but you're all free to update, modify, and re-distribute my content without restriction, as ever. Have fun!