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Requires the application of the 1.69 Critical rebuild, even with the GOG version. In addition to that, to work it requires the PRCQ merge.

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Revamp of the OC with some assets from the expansions, and a somewhat more immersive feel.

it's a WIP.
Shadows of Undrentide, Hordes of Underdark, PrC 3.5 and Project Q. install them with the PRCQ merge.

-more alignment change based on common actions, and dialogue (although, dialogue alignment shift will never be massive unless it's followed by something really significant)
-removal of that stupid babyspeak that led to enourmous dialogue trees, NPCs will still acknowledge an eventual low intelligence.
-revamped monster difficulties, possibly truer to the PnP and that uses the whole resources of the prc.

What can't be done:
-delete that "End Dialogue" line at the end of a conversation. I could potentially add a "goodbye" line to fix that, but has to be test and it apparently is time-consuming.