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This hak adds a number of extra tails in various styles and colours - Leopard, Tiger, Wolf and Fox to name a few. Combined with the CEP and my digitigrade leg hak it allows for a wide range of anthropormorphic PC characters.

Permissions and credits
This hak adds a number of extra tails in various styles and colours - Leopard, Tiger, Wolf and Fox to name a few. Combined with the CEP and my digitigrade leg hak it allows for a wide range of anthropormorphic PC characters.

It was primarily designed to support my digitigrade leg hak, but works solo. Zip includes both regular and CEP compliant haks, as well as override.

Hakpack, CEP or Override?

If you're making your own non CEP module, you'll want to use the standard hakpack. If you're making a module that also uses CEP you'll want the CEP variant, and if you want to use the models in single player I'd advise you use the Override. All 3 versions are included in the zip. If you are using the override, remember the one key rule: It's all in the eye of the beholder - simply because you can see it, doesn't mean anyone else will. If you log into a local vault server people will see holes in your character and you may crash the server. You've been warned. Overrides also don't work on ALL modules (Though this particular one should work on virtually all but CEP modules).

Installing the standard Hakpack, or CEP Hakpack.
Step 1:
Copy "tailpack.hak" and "tailpackCEP.hak" into the "...NeverwinterNights/Hak/" folder (Basiclly the folder called "Hak" inside your NWN directory.).

Step 2:
Load the module you want to add the hak to into the toolset. Click "Module Properties" from the menu, and click the Custom Content tab.

Step 3:
Click the dropdown box, and find either "tailpack" or if you're using the CEP, choose "tailpackCEP" instead, click the corresponding hak, and choose "add". Click the hak in the list if there are multiple haks, and move it to the top of the list.

Step 4:
The new parts are now listed under "Tail" in the appearance editor. You'll need a character editor such as Leto to add a tail model to your own character.

Installing the Override
Step 1:
Extract everything from the "Override" folder in the zip to "...NeverwinterNight/Override/" (Your NWN override folder). And voilĂ . Installation complete, the tail model now shows up in the toolset, and if you edit your character their tail will remain between modules.

Q: How do I get the tail to show up on my character?.
A: Get Leto. Open Leto and click "Tools -> Advanced Mode" from the menu. Click right mouse button, and "Open file", poke around in your NWN folder and open the folder marked "localvault", now find the character you want to edit, if theres many versions click the highest numbered version. Open that into Leto. Now scroll down the long scary list of data until you see:


Double click the "0", and now put in the corresponding number for the appearance you want:

3 Devil
15 Leopard Print
16Snow Leopard
17Tiger Stripe
18White Tiger
19 Fox
20Wolf tail
21 Scruffy Wolf tail

Finally click right mouse button, "Save" and save back over the character file you opened in the first place. Now when you start a new game you'll have a tail.

Complaints? Suggestions? Praise? (Praise is always welcome ^_^) - just give me a bell on any of the following:
E-Mail: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]

I can also be caught occasionally on the CODI IRC chatroom (City of Doors Initiative)

[Warning, Blatant Advert]
I should probably point out I'm currently not in any position of employment, if you're looking for budding 3D modelers to fill a place on a professional design team I'd be more than happy to hear whats on offer ^_^

All materials contained within this zip file except those expressly noted as otherwise by their own built-in Copyright data are intellectual property of James Robinson (aka Ryuujin). Under various Internationally recognised Copyright laws all materials created by the aforementioned Author have 2 years implied Copyright protection meaning you may not duplicate the materials without Author's consent, nor modify then redistribute the materials, doing so is a direct violation of International law and may arise in court proceedings.

The Author has expressed that people may download the zip file to whatever ends they need including the modification of contained code and public exhibition of the publicly available form. However the Author also expresses that code modifications beyond 2da alterations should not be redistributed without author's consent. Wherever the contained files are used publicly please ensure that the original Author's E-mail, and the files used by that author are clearly stated in the attached documentation.

Also, if you intend to mass distribute this file on mass media (Cover disks for example) you must notify the author.

In Plain English:
Feel free to recompile the models into other hakpacks, and edit the 2da file as necessary. But please do not redistribute the models without my permission if you have made actual changes to the models or skins themselves (reskinning, rescaling, mesh changes etc) or plan to put them on a cover disk.

Files Created 11th February 2005 - Copyright Expires 10th February October 2007