Chaotic Good Human Fighter

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This is Nova Starr -not related to Ringo in any way. She's in it for the paycheck; though she believes in doing the right thing, she's not one for asking too many questions about her objective -she just needs to know where her feet must travel. She generally smashes her way through all the enemies on her path, that are stupid enough not to get out of her way while they still have a chance. She is willing to offer her help to other people, but only once; if they decline -for whatever reason- she will not extend her aid again (patience may be a virtue, but it is not one of hers).
The armor she is wearing is one I compiled in the Toolkit; all the armors -and other stuff- I create, I put into a one-area module. I send my characters in, let them collect the stuff they need and then I save my character. This newly exported hero is then the one I start the Prelude with -but she doesn't wear this armor during the Prelude. For some reason a cloak and this armor had become joined after the Prelude; whenever I removed the cloak she appeared to be still wearing it. And removing the armor left her with only the cloak showing, even though it was not equipped.