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This mod add option to cure Defoliant Exposure in Haggerty Health Clinic.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds option to cure Defoliant Exposure in Haggerty Health Clinic. Cost for this service is 1500$
Also adds option to buy DEC case that contains 2 syringes with injection to cure Defoliant Exposure. Cost for such case is 3500$

This mod will conflict and breaks if use it with other mods that change Haggerty Health Clinic behavior.
In case of using it with other mods, consider to check and update override rules from "0" folder.

On game version v1.15 1/6/2017

Place the folder `DefoliantExposureCure` inside the `Mods` folder in the main directory of NEO Scavenger, and add the following lines to the `getmods.php`:


adjust the numbers 0,1 and the `nRows` parameter according the number of mods you have.

For example, if you had the Defoliant Exposure Cure mod and the DevKit mod, it would look like this:


Known bugs
Spawned empty injection after using syringe is invisible until switch between inventory and some other window(camp for example).
Its a game bug - not a mod. For some reason game do not render properly freshly spawned items.

Added patch for Chiko's NeoScavenger Extended (NSE) v5.7 mod.
Just copy getmods_NSE.php (or its contents into getmods.php) to the root directory of the game and rename it to getmods.php.

If you like to use mod with some other mods and just copying content of getmods_NSE.php, please make sure that Defoliant Exposure cure mod loading after NSE mod, because patch contain override rules thats should apply after loading compatible mod.

For example getmods.php could look like that:


 - nRows=7 because need to be loaded 7 mods
 - NSE loading first
 - after it loading other mods that compatible with it
 - don't forget keep track for numbers in ModName and ModURL corresponding to mods order. Starting from 0
 - don't forget about conflicts with other incompatible mods