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A reshade preset for NFS Payback that handles color correction and HDR.

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A simple reshade preset to overhaul NFS Payback graphics as much as possible.

  • HDR
  • Darker Nights
  • More Vibrant Colors
  • FXAA + SMAA coupled with RIS to make everything look crisp and smooth
  • MXAO as Native AO replacement for better shadows
  • Screen Space Reflections



  • Install reshade into NFS Payback
  • Put "Vibrancy HDR.ini" in same directory as game exe file (NeedForSpeedPayback.exe)
  • Put all files from "Vibrancy HDR Shaders" main file inside reshade shaders directory for NFS Payback.
  • Run game and enjoy :D


Q: I want less colors!!
A: Press "Home" to open reshade menu and tick off "Vibrancy".

Q: Can I use in-game AA with this?
A: If you could see jaggies then yes, otherwise, its a waste of performance.

Q: Can I use in-game AO with this?
A: No. That will just duplicate AO and will waste performance too while at it. If you want to use in-game AO, turn off MXAO in reshade menu or use "Ultra Light" version.

Q: This preset sucks!!
A: Ok....tell me in comments what you didn't like and I will try to upgrade it if possible ;)


Thanks to everyone mentioned below! :D

  • Crosire & Reshade Team for Reshade and its shaders.
  • Marty Mcfly for MXAO and SSR shader.