Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4
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Brings the challenge to UNS4's Story Mode! Enemies and Bosses will put up more of a fight before going down!
*UPDATED* Now Supports Adventure Mode & more balance reworks!

Permissions and credits
INSTALL: Extract .rar file anywhere then drop folder to your UNS4 directory (where the .exe is)

- Now Supports Adventure Mode -
- DLC Boruto Story not supported -

I've been playing these Storm games for years now and the one thing I have always hated was that the Story Mode was so easy to blow through.
Here we are watching these epic cutscenes showing us these absolute bad asses and yet they are all pushovers in-game.
Now I have the closest thing to a solution for this problem.

Expect to barely win quite a few of these scenarios even if you are someone who plays regularly on harder difficulties. 

What this mod changes:
I have edited the battle conditions for every story battle to include...
- Increased enemy attack power
- Increased enemy defense
- More likely to use substitutions, skills, guard (seems to only affect ai minorly)

Sadly, I cannot edit their core AI so you may still steamroll over one or two of the more passive AI opponents in the early game if you are super aggressive and know lengthy combos. Loading any DLC Adventures or Road to Boruto may result in crash, simply rename or move my file to play them.

Update July 6, 2018
- Adventure Mode support (most battles, not all)
- Further diversified attack and defense buffs for AI (buff amounts vary based on mission)
- Added substitution, skill and guard conditions