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Shows extra info about fish bowls as fake action items

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This mod shows extra info in the interact text for fish bowls (any of the three things that provide homes for fishes), as long as there are fish in the bowl. Text adding is as follows:

  • Adds (<fish count>/<fish capacity>) to the remove action
  • Adds a list of fish per type to a MoveBack (default S) action with the next reproduction per fish type in parentheses
  • Adds (Hungry: <number of hungry fish>, Avg. <avg hp>%, Low <lowest hp>%) to an ActionFavor (default H) action


  • The S and H actions don't do anything. I was trying to spell FISH.
  • Next reproduction is only shown for a fish type if there are two fish of that type, and it only compares pairs of fish that are each either a) not hungry or b) already past their reproduction due date.
  • Avg. means average HP of the fish in the tank as a percent of their average max HP. Low means the lowest percentage HP value of a fish in the bowl as a percent of its max HP.

Here's how I think feeding works, based on my reading of the code:
  • Fish hunger is based on HP.
  • Food is not actually stored in the fishbowl, it is just distributed as HP to each of the fish in the bowl whose HP is less than 150% at the time of feeding.
  • If you put a ton of food in when your fishes' HP is less than 150%, you should just see the Avg. and Low values skyrocket past 150%.
  • If you put food in when your fishes' HP is > 150%, it will be wasted AFAICS.
  • Fish lose a certain number of HP once a day at a random hour chosen by RNGesus.
  • Fish are hungry at 50% HP. They never die.
  • More information on fishes is available on the wiki at


You can now translate the strings into your own language by creating a txt file in your language from one of the following:


and place this file in Mods\FishBowlMod\Assets\

There should be an English.txt file there already. Just translate the strings found there into your language in your language's txt file.


Requires Unity Mod Manager. Install by extracting to your Mods directory, or via the UMM interface.

Source code at

If you want to complain or ask for help or help me test my mods, you can visit my Discord server.