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An interface for tracking all relic pieces you own and pulling them to your inventory from anywhere. Also adds 'amount owned' of all pieces of a relic in the description of each relic piece.

Permissions and credits
Item Descriptions
When highlighting relic pieces in your inventory the description will include amount owned for all other pieces of that particular relic, and whether it is in your museum collection.

Relic Manager (PageUp to open/close - can be rebound in UMM options, see below)
Open an interface that lists all multi-piece relics and how many of each piece you own. Along with a button that lets you pull all pieces that you own to your inventory without having to be at your storage.

Note it will only pull the piece if:
  • There is space in your inventory
  • There is not already another of the same piece in there.
Pull data discs will pull the data disc restoration cost of the relic pieces you're pulling.

Show names + amount owned on scanner (can be toggled via UMM mod options)
When using the scanner you can have it show the names of the items you scan, which will include amount owned on relic items.

Note "Owned: X" will only appear on relic items, other items like engines, sofas etc. will not show amount owned.

UMM Options
You'll need the cursor free to interact with UMM - the easiest way to do this is open your inventory in-game before opening UMM.

Open UMM in-game with Ctrl+F10 and click the button that looks like 3 sliders:

To rebind the key used to open the manager GUI click the key button ('PageUp' in the screenshot above) then press the key you want to use.

If Show names on scanner is toggled whilst the scanner is active you'll need to exit then reenter scan mode and rescan an item for the change to take effect.

  • Download Unity Mod Manager and install it
  • Download this mod and install it via UMM
  • Run the game

  • In extreme cases - depending on how many storages and inventory slots you have - the descriptions may take a second to react whilst it reads all of your items (the game may appear frozen, just give it a sec)
  • Shoutout to MestreKarin for making their Portia Helper mod open source - this is my first Unity mod and much of the project structure was inspired by their work!

I hope you enjoy!