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A retexture mod for the residents of Portia. Currently contains all non- attire DLC characters, Mint, Ginger, Gust and Emily. Planned to be updated regularly.

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Portia Residents Retextured By Nova


This mod contains retextures for the residents in Portia. In addition to clothing changes, I also tweaked most of the faces with bigger and more expressive irises and some minor adjustments. I plan to eventually add all NPCs to my mod, as soon as I have ideas for their retex (and the time to make them). My Time at Portia's newest Outfit DLC released on 13/05/2022 will NOT be covered (probably, I see no real reason to tweak them).

Currently available:

- All non- attire DLC NPCS (Aadit has two versions: my bearded one and one with the original facial hair)
- Mint (both vanilla and NPC Attire DLC 1 versions; two hair options: original and my streaked version)
- Ginger (both vanilla and NPC Attire DLC 1 versions; two hair options: original and my braided version)
- Gust (both vanilla and NPC Attire DLC 1 version)
- Emily (both vanilla and NPC Attire DLC 1 version)

You'll need Custom Textures for these to work (and Unity Mod Manager to install Custom textures itself).

1. Download Unitiy Mod Manager and Custom Textures mods for MTaP
2. Install UMM, then install/drag CT through UMM
3. Copy the .png files of your chosen textures to Custom Textures' asset folder
Example: c:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\My Time At Portia\Mods\CustomTextures\assets\ for steam users - if you do not have an assets folder, simply create one
4. Start up the game and enjoy!

Simply delete the .png files from your Custom Textures' assets folder

Known issues:
In the case of erased textures (such as Nora's hat and the strings hanging from Mei's poncho), there are angles where a barely noticable, flickering white line shows the original outline of said removed textures. These have been removed properly, but the game seems to be unable to let them go. This is not something I can fix, but as I said, these are barely noticable, and even then, only from some specific angles and with specific backgrounds.

QQ and Pinky have their eye textures in a separate file, as is Gust's DLC coat. As I cannot find the name of the mesh the game loads them onto (if it is a separate mesh from their bodies at all), I cannot edit those and have it show up in the game at this time. I asked about this in the comment section of Custom Textures, but there doesn't seem to be an answer yet. If anyone else finds out how to make it happen, tell me, I'll glady include edits for them.

Also, in game cutscenes are pre-rendered videos, therefore, no retextures will change how the characters look in them.

Future plans:

Completing retextures for all NPCS (in time)