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A save for the apartment that Psychovanz made. That has the satsuma and everything from the home garage (except battery charger) at his apartment, lovingly sorted.

Permissions and credits
A personal save that has all Satsuma parts and the Satsuma itself (Satsuma is NOT built). Boat (its at the docks) and Jonnez is at the apartment. Rent has been paid and you have enough for next week so be careful with your finances. The battery charger is NOT at the apartment (sorry I don't know how to move it). So this file is basically as close to a new save game as I could get it. Simply put all files in save directory Example: C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\LocalLow\Amistech\My Summer Car. Includes XML so the apartment has been rented so all of the house items (posters, phone, and map) will be saved.

Disclaimer-I have mods installed in my game, It shouldn't affect it. Any problems put it in the discussion tab or bugs.

Again what this save includes,
-New battery and old one
-Kilju bucket and some bottles, yeast, and sugar
-All Satsuma parts from the garage plus new oil filter, sparkplugs, lightbulbs, and alternator belt
-Some food in fridge and 3 cases of beer (one has only 2 beers taken out of it) and grill with charcoal
-One full two stroke fuel and one that has a little (full one is on the dock the other one is in the boat)
-Coffee cup and coffee pot in apartment with coffee mix

What this save does NOT include 
-Brake and clutch fluid, motor oil, and coolant at the house
-Spray cans in the house
-Any order for parts
-Drunk guy picked up
-Suski progression
-Any jobs done yet

-psychovanz who created the Rent Apartment mod that this save file is for

Message to psychovanz
If you have a problem with the file just let me know (great mod by the way!)