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Its like a dashboard, but digital!
Supports custom texture import.

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Replaces the old boring stock dashboard with a digital display.

Supports custom texture import;
    navigate to; Mods\Assets\SatsumaDigidash
    put an image file there named "custom_dash"

    SUPPORTED FILE FORMATS - .dds .jpg .png .tga

  • Bar tachometer that can read upto 10,000rpm and text display tachometer accurate within 10rpm
  • Digital odometer
  • Voltmeter
  • Air fuel mixture gauge
  • Digital clock
  • Oil pressure bar gauge, warning light and charge warning light
  • Check engine light to let you know something isn't quite right
  • Choke warning light
  • Backlit display
  • Engine coolant bar gauge and overheat warning light
  • Digital speedometer
  • Trip Meter
  • Fuel econometer
  • 16hz refresh rate

Check engine light diagnostics
Solid light;
Not running on all 4 cylinders
Car is using nitrous, a turbo or supercharger
Ignition timing mildly out of tune
AFR (Fuel mix) too rich with choke control pushed in
AFR (Fuel mix) too lean

Flashing light;
Significant running fault causing engine to shut-off
Fuel system fault
Engine RPM exceeded safe limits
Significant vibration caused by failing engine components
Ignition timing bad enough the engine may not idle

Refresh rate is this low not because im limited by anything technologically. But because that is just how these old displays behave. It can easily run at >180hz unlimited by script.