My Summer Car

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Clean and shiny Ruscko

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This mod is still under development and it's not a finished product.

I decided to release this mod in Beta state due lack of time and inspiration.
There is a still some model shading issues, but it's not a big deal. Once i get more time, i'll try to fix it.

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  • Added new clearcoat textures for ruscko
  • Added new models and textures for rims
  • Added new models and textures for tires
  • Added new models and textures for hubcups
  • Fixed bumps on rusko model
  • Added new chassis textures
  • Added new licence plate holder
  • Added new licence plate 
  • Changed pretty much every texture
  • Removed Wasps hive
  • Removed madress

Changelog version 0.3:
  • Improved transmission
  • Added new gearbox with 5th gear
  • Changed gear ratio to supplement 5 gears
  • Adjusted Power Multiplier to supplement new gearbox
  • Adjusted MaxShiftRPM to supplement new gearbox
  • Added option to enable/disable All Wheel Drive transmission(default is RWD when disabled)
  • Added option to enable/disable Traction Control System
  • Added option to enable/disable Anti Lock System
  • Added option to enable/disable Stability Control System

Note: To enable or disable AWD, TCS, ABS, ESP open the MOD SETTINGS - Ruscko Overhaul - Mod Settings.

I leaved the wasps active so once you kill the wasps and save your game, the nest will be removed.

I recommend playing with "Reflections" option turned on for better experience.

Any re-upload of this mod is strictly prohibited. I do not support any of my mods uploaded to different sites without my permission. This is the only site that i will update on and provide support for my mods. So please, do not download from other sites, because those mods are not up to date.