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The right way to replace vehicle textures! Just download the textures you want and follow the easy instructions, easy peasy!

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This plugin makes it a lot easier to install and try out the different re-skins of all driveable vehicles. So instead of messing about with Unity Asset Explorer you can simply drag and drop with this mod.

Simply drop the textures you want to try out or use inside "Images\VehicleTextureSwap"-folder followed by the name of the vehicle (loads only the files listed in filelist.txt). I recommend a making a shortcut to that folder for easy access!
Keep in mind they must be correctly named, and some have released flipped textures, though you can flip them back yourselves without much trouble, either with GIMP, Photoshop or whatever, if you need help doing it, send me a pm or write in the support thread.

I've included some example textures. ( There are images in the IMAGES-tab )
A reg plate for the Ferndale (It was using the same as the van, now it's not) and the interior is now beige.
Kekmet is now red.
If you don't want or like them you can delete them!

You can also change most of the vehicles licence plate numbers, in the mod settings menu, you can write your own plate numbers. There's an image in the IMAGES-tab that provides an example.

There are many advantages!

Vehicles using the same textures will now be able to load the individual textures so there'll be no conflict between vehicles. Meaning that vehicles that share texture-files between them can be different from each other.

You can switch textures without exiting your game, simply make the changes you want and press Left Control + F5 (default bind, can be changed, press Right-CTRL + M and press through the menu to find this mod in the list and then "Key Bindings") to reload all custom textures, and if removed reload the original texture.
Allows you to quickly test out new textures without having to go thorough the hassle to restart and change in asset explorer etc.

You don't have to constantly reinstall your custom textures every game update.

It can load what I've specified in the DOCS tab.

Thanks for downloading and feel free to ask in the comments if there's any problem!

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 Put "VehicleTextureSwap.dll" in your MSC Mod Loader Mods-folder.
"Steamapps\common\My Summer Car\Mods" or
"Documents\MySummerCar\Mods" or
"AppData\LocalLow\Amistech\My Summer Car\Mods"​

2. Put the folder "VehicleTextureSwap" inside Images-folder in My Summer Car Directory.
eg. "Steamapps\common\My Summer Car\Images"

3. Download the textures you want.

4. Extract them into their respective vehicle's folder. Texture's name must be present in Filelist.txt, or it will not load.
eg. "Images\VehicleTextureSwap\Hayosiko"​

5. Done.