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Makes the police/jail mechanic in MSC slightly less annoying

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This simple mod changes some aspects of the police/jail mechanic in My Summer Car that I personally disagree with. The aspects that this mod changes are:

  • You will not be arrested for punching pedestrians (walking NPCs) anymore. Does not apply to punching police officers!
  • You will no longer be arrested for getting in a car crash that kills Pena, the driver of the green Fittan on the dirt road.
  • The speed threshold for going to jail after running pedestrians over is much higher now - in the vanilla game, you get a 10 day jail sentence for knocking someone over with your car going 1 km/h.. isn't that a bit unfair? This mod increases that threshold to around 40 km/h.

Any of the edits that this mod makes can be disabled or enabled through the mod settings menu - so if you disagree with any of these, you can turn them off.