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Ever wished for the gas nozzle to fill the tank up by itself? well your wish is my realization, with AutoFuel you can just press a key to put the pump nozzle in the tank and make it fill it up by itself!

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This mod adds an auto fuel feature to the gas station pumps, just press the "Use" keybind key (normally "F"), while your filling up your car, and the nozzle will be put into the fuel filler and then it will fill up the gas tank by itself!
to remove the nozzle, look at it, it should say "Pick nozzle", and then press the left mouse button to pick it up.

This mod requires raycastcore, which is bundled with the mod in the same zip file.

Reasonably realistic give it you imagine you're wrapping some rag around the fuel nozzle to force it always on, which was a thing before automatic nozzles were a thing.