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Anglers rejoice! Lake Peräjärvi is now inhabited with new fish to be caught! Use a fishing rod to reel them in and sell your fresh catch at the new fish market located in town. Your boat now comes equipped with a fish finder which will help you locate the different fishing hotspots scattered around the lake.

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Please report all bugs you encounter so we can fix them!

Note: There may be compatibility issues with MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin, which causes the boat to bug out.

My Summer Fishing Trip

Lake Peräjärvi was previously dominated by only Pike, however a sharp increase in fish trapping has caused their population to dwindle. The lake has now seen an increase in different fish species waiting to be caught by anglers.

My Summer Fishing Trip is an immersive modification that adds a new major activity to the game, fishing.

Fishing Rod

An anglers tool of choice. A fishing rod has finally been added to the game. You can find it attached to the rod holder on your boat.

How-to use
  • You can equip it using the F-key
  • Take your rod to the nearest body of water, aim into the water and left mouse-click to cast the rod. If done correctly, you should see an animation and hear a flicking noise
  • Be patient and allow a fish to hook itself, the fish will begin fighting and the line will begin to unspool
  • Once the fish stops fighting, begin to reel in the line by holding left mouse-click
  • Additional fights may ensue, be careful not to snap the line!

Useful info
  • If your boat is traveling too fast you will not be able to hook a fish, and risk having your line broken if you do have a fish hooked
  • You can attach the rod to the holder by looking at the holder with the rod equipped and press F
  • You can reset the rod by using the reset button in the modsettings menu in-game

Types of Fish

A variety of fish can be caught, both familiar and new. Each fish you catch will be different in weight, which impacts the value of the fish. Rarer trophy versions of fish can be found: these are much larger, put up more of a fight and are worth double in value.

The most abundant fish to be found within the lake is Perch. They can be found anywhere within the lake and barely put up a fight.

Average weight: 0.5 kg
Average value: 40 MK

Once the only fish found in the lake, the classic Pike can still be found across Lake Peräjärvi.

Average weight: 5.0 kg
Average value: 65 MK

A fish known for preferring river habitats, the Trout, can be caught in specific locations in Peräjärvi.

Average weight: 4.0 kg
Average value: 90 MK

The largest fish in Lake Peräjärvi is the Salmon. A rarer fish that is widespread, however it prefers the colder, deeper parts of the lake.

Average weight: 10.0 kg
Average value: 120 MK


The fish you catch can be cooked on the barbecue grill, similar to how the pike currently works. Selling cooked fish to the market will increase the value slightly. It is possible to burn the fish as well, be careful!

Food values
Cooked Perch:  -42 hunger, +8 thirst
Cooked Pike: -135 hunger, +16 thirst (default values)
Cooked Trout: -140 hunger, +16 thirst, -15 stress
Cooked Salmon: -150 hunger, +16 thirst, -30 stress

Note: Pike behaves and cooks as it normally does in-game, and has not been changed.

Fishing Zones & Fish Finder

There are various locations across Lake Peräjärvi which are fishing hotspots. These hotspots have a larger abundance of fish, meaning you will be able to hook fish faster. Each spot offers different species of fish with varying chances of catching them. For instance, Pike may be encountered more frequently near the cottage island.

Anglers looking for better fish and larger profits should seek these fishing zones, as fishing in the middle of the lake may offer little reward!

To help you find these fishing hotspots, the boat is now equipped with a fish finder. Grab your fishing rod, hop in your boat, turn on your fish finder and start exploring the lake. There are currently 4 designated hotspots across the map. If you're having trouble finding these areas on your own try visiting the fish market for help.

Not only will your fish finder alert you of hotspots, it may also detect very large fish!

Fish Market & Fishing Derby

A fish market has recently opened in Peräjärvi, located at the dock in town. Here, you can sell your days catch and be rewarded for your efforts.

Note: Pike caught through the trap cannot be sold at the market!

For those anglers who are in it for the sport, there is the weekly Peräjärven Fishing Derby hosted on Wednesdays from 5 am to 9 pm. Each week a random species of fish is chosen and the angler with the largest catch wins a reward of 1000 MK. The fish must be a trophy fish with a weight larger than the "catch to beat" and caught only during the time of the derby. Be ready to wake up early and hit the water!


Features for Next Release
  • Mounted trophy fish for winning fishing derby
  • Improvements to night time fishing


Planned Features
  • Fishing bait
    • Increases odds of getting specific fish
    • Bought from Teimo
  • Fishing line must be replaced after breaking
    • Bought from Teimo
  • Visible fishing line
  • Boat upgrades
    • Motor upgrade to increase speed
    • Fishing computer should be bought first and installed
  • Better rod animations

Full List of Current Features

  • Different types of fish
    • Unique properties per species (fish strength, fight chance, monetary value)
    • Chance for a trophy variant (higher properties, more difficult encounter)
  • Variable fish weight
    • Price calculated from base value and size of caught fish
  • Equippable rod item
  • Rod mechanics (animations and sfx for each)
    • Casting
    • Reeling
    • Fighting
    • Snapping of line
  • Fishing zones
    • Different fish spawn in different fishing zones, with varying probabilities
  • Trolling
    • Affects fish and trophy probabilities if boat is in motion
  • Night fishing
    • Affects fish and trophy probabilities depending on time of day
  • Fishing computer
    • Notifies player of a fishing zone
    • Random chance to alert player of trophy fish encounter
  • Fish market
    • Basic NPC at the market
  • Fishing tournament on Wednesdays
    • Catch the required type of trophy fish with a weight larger than the requirement
    • Pays an additional 1000MK on top of the price of the fish when won
  • Dock lighting
  • Cookable fish
    • Works similar to how you cook pike
    • Amount of hunger/thirst/stress restored is based on species
    • Slightly increases sell value