My Summer Car
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Teleport in items, cheat in money, and take control of time itself. You want it? You got it!
No more do you have to trade FPS for these commodities!

Permissions and credits
This mod is a total rewrite of the old CheatBox by roman,
what exactly is better in this mod:
  • Cached variables, so it doesn't kill FPS.
  • More pleasing GUI.
  • Mod support.
  • Because of point 1. this mod works even with MOP installed.
  • More flexible Timescaler, money editor, Noclip feature, game pausing feature, screenshot feature, physics time editing feature, and weather control, and restocking the store.

How to use:
Install this mod in your mods folder, and when you are in game press Ctrl+C to toggle the GUI.
Keybinds can be changed in mod settings, in keybinds tab
when noclip is enabled, you can move with w,a,s,d keys by default, up with space, and down with left shift, to control the speed of flying use the mouse wheel, you can adjust the speed more finely by holding down the left ctrl key.
to move when the game is paused you need to use noclip, because the player wont move when time doesn't flow forward.

some items will show up as greyed out, this usually means that they are installed onto the satsuma or other items.
I may try to fix this in proceeding versions, but any uninstalled items should show up fine.

How to add mod support:
This is explained on the wiki for this mod: GitHub wiki

Not planning to add any extra support for MSCLoaderPro, for those which have no issues with the mod running on MSCLP, use it if you so desire.
for those who have problems with it, don't bother reporting it in bugs as I wont fix an issue I cannot recreate and that only 1 out of 1000 people will have.