My Summer Car
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Blast from past, a vhs tapes.

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!!! Bug reports without correct output_log.txt attached will be closed without any reply. !!!

  • Play custom videos on tv
  • Game and real clock on display (game clock is mess, so if it's not synced with any clock in game this is ok, not a bug)
  • One video per vhs tape
  • Replaced "tv table" collider, so shelves works
  • Power outage and living room fuseaware.
  • Buy VCR and VHS tapes in shop near inspection
  • Support for custom boxarts and label textures.

How to add videos:
  • Convert your videos to *.ogv format (ex. using this: link or this software)
  • Put ogv files in \Mods\Assets\VHSPlayer\Videos
  • One file will be one tape
  • Load game and go to shop to buy tapes.
  • If you see static instead of video, make sure you connected scart cable that is in the box.
  • And no I can't add support for *.mp4 or any other proprietary format, only open source *.ogv format is supported in MSC.

Limitations and known bugs:
  • Also in this Unity version (5.0) there is a bug, when loading video files, audio will not falloff so you will hear
  • audio from movie everywhere, seeking feature also is missing so no rewinding possible.
  • Game clock is a mess, every clock in game (on walls) are not synced with main clock or each other, VCR shows main
  • clock, so when it is off few minutes than wall clock, it is ok, this is not a bug. Switch to real clock if you want.
  • Don't turn on tv, or VHS audio will be mixed with TV audio.

  • Thanks for Kubix for 3D modelling Remote.
  • VCR 3d model comes from cadnav, VHS tape new model comes from sketchfab (CC-BY 4.0 Llicese)