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This mod adds a functional Revolver (gun) to the game. This is a beta release so please read the full description to stay safe. Have fun!

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1.2.0 Beta Release

This mod adds a Revolver (Nagant M1895) to My Summer Car!
This is the first beta release and I plan on improving this mod over time. Please read Future Plans if you're interested in hearing what I have in mind.

» F to equip/unequip Revolver
» R to reload Revolver
» 3 to holster/unholster Revolver
» Left click to purchase Ammo (500MK)

Game info
» Revolver can be found at the back of Uncle's shack
» Ammo can be bought at Teimo's shop
» Maximum ammo is 7
» Maximum spare ammo is unlimited
» Revolver can kill most NPC (with PunchAnyone)
» Bullets have an impact on items

Future Plans
» Revolver breaks objects (windshield/tires)
» Better impact effect
» Make ammo carryable
» Better models/animations

Tested Compatibility with Other Mods
» PunchAnyone
» CarryMore
» Modern Optimization Plugin (MOP)

3D Models - snitte 
Code Helper - Arthur0004