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Enhanced CD Player with mp3 support and unlimited CDs.

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!!! Bug reports without correct output_log.txt attached will be closed without any reply. !!!

Common mistake:

Remove original CD from player and save before installing this mod.

How to add new CDs:
  • Go to your CD folder and create new folder inside (name doesn't matter)
  • [After game update 20.08 there may be no CD folder, just create it and ignore CD1,2,3 folders]
  • Copy your *.mp3 *.flac *.ogg *.wav *.aiff files inside that folder
  • Name of files doesn't matter, player will play them in alphabetical order.
  • Copy coverart.png to that folder, if you want custom CD texture
  • Create as many folders as you want
  • Optional: Instead of copying files, you can create folder.txt file and paste full path to your music folder. (ex. D:\Music\CoolSongs)
  • Optional: You can use playlist files (m3u or pls) with absolute path so you can drop just playlist file to play music (Playlist files have priority over any other files)
  • Don't click import songs in main menu, it's just waste of RAM since original CDs are disabled.
  • Go to shop near inspection to buy your CDs.

How to add new Radio streams:
  • Go to "CD player enchaned" mod settings
  • Here you can paste direct links to mp3 streams (http only)
  • To switch between channel 3 and 4 on cd player Right Click on channel switch button (this may get improved in future update)

If you lost your CDs you can respawn them on kitchen table using CTRL + M > CD Player Enchanced > Mod settings > Reset CDs (red button)