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This adds bright spotlights as an attachable and paintable part to the Satsuma, for use during the dark summer nights in Finland.

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Rally Spotlights
Author : Fredrik


This adds bright wide-beam spotlights as a part for the Satsuma. You can look for them around the vehicle inspection building in Peräjärvi. They work as a normal part, you can attach, detach and even break them off in a crash. You also need to screw in the bolts to prevent the spotlights from breaking off. They are fitted on the front of the car. You can also paint them, both with spray cans and at Fleetari's Repair Shop. There's a switch just above the rear view mirror that turns them on, note that turning them on drains the battery. They also have customizable covers you can put on and remove, you can buy them at Fleetari's.
You can also edit the texture in the images folder, use any of the templates provided there and rename them to "Covers.png", then press F5 or go into the mod settings to refresh the texture, to get your own texture to show up in game.


Attachable with bolts.

Paintable with spray cans and at Fleetari's repair shop.

Covers to put on, buyable at Fleetari's repair shop.

Battery powered, so ignition on!


Mod Loader Pro


Put RallyLights.dll inside your Mod Loader Pro Mods-folder.
  eg. "Steamapps\common\My Summer Car\Mods"

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Big thanks to Roman266 for his original mod!

If you have problems or need help, please post in the comments and let me know, if you've found a bug, use the bug reporter, try to be as detailed as possible.

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