My Summer Car
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DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Recent changes in the game have caused the mod to malfunction.

Permissions and credits
Because I've received several complaints and one scalding tirade (which was, honestly, hilarious to read), I have to make two statements.
  1. You are using this mod at your own risk, I am not liable to anything that goes wrong. I have a job now, I can't maintain my mods, so unless you are willing to pay the equivalent of my current salary or take up development, then by all means, stop using it.
  2. My Summer Car is a game. If you think about a lost save file as "twelve hours of your (expletive) life wasted," maybe reevaluate MSC's actual importance.
Consider yourself informed and warned.
And maybe consider drinking a cup of tea before you call anyone a f---ing scumbag.

This is a mod I made as an alternative to what is arguably the best mod for MSC because everyone should be able to carry all the groceries in in one
trip. Features a lightweight menu that lists the items in the backpack.

Due to real life stuff, I can no longer participate in active modding. Anyone can take up development and release updates and derivative works under the GNU GPL v3 license.

E to pick up an item.
X to toggle inventory list.
Y to drop the last item.
Ctrl + Y to drop all items (and scatter them all over the house).
Ctrl + X to show the mod settings.

Needs the latest version of MSC Mod Loader. Confirmed to work on the experimental branch as of 2018-09-27.

Known issues:
  • Dying or saving the game may cause you to lose the contents of your backpack. You have been warned.
  • Can't empty the backpack by activating a UI control. Currently settings can only be applied if the backpack is emptied manually.
    • DropAll() might only work in Update(), but UI interaction happens in OnGui().
    • DropAt() might have been implemented incorrectly.

Credits and thanks:
  • XxFazeGamer900 for unlocking the mouse cursor.
  • UltraJohn for the original mod

Source code and other mods on GitHub